Sunday, January 6, 2013

Good / Frustrating Day

All in one, yeah, I know.

My first person today was supposed to be dropping off some guinea pigs and rats.  Had the appointment set between 10-10:30.... they never showed. 

On a positive note, the 11:30 showed, and so they got their stuff, adopted Kandie, and went their merry way.  When they were gone, I emailed the 10ish person and asked what happened and if they still wanted to bring the pets over.  They said the were called into work and just got a break (at 6:37 pm).  Fine.  But the email was sent from their phone.  Would it have been that difficult to type a one-liner and email it off saying they couldn't come today?  Apparently so.  So she says she wants to still bring the animals but is busy til next Saturday, so I emailed back asking what time.  We'll see how that goes.

So then, I was supposed to have people come between 12:30 and 2 to pick up Lucy.  They had said, yesterday, that they were going to call in the morning to confirm.  Yeah, about that, even after the 11:30, I still had no call, but I finally got an email around 1:15 saying the daughter won't be home til after 3:30 (and they knew they couldn't show up any later than 2, or had to wait until later tonight), and of course the daughter had to be there, and so they asked about coming later tonight.  So I told them, my next available times were 6:45 or later.  Got an email back saying they'd email or call around that time to come by.  Fine.

So, my 3:00 showed up on time, no problem.  Adopted Spice and got a cage and supplies to go with her.

So, time passes, it becomes 6:45ish, and I have no email, no call, no nothing, and I'm debating leaving the house to get some food.  Well, I ended up leaving, and good thing I did, because I never did receive either an email or call from those people.  So, I sent them an email just nicely asking when they want to stop by.  *deep breaths*

Then I get an email from the adoptive home who took home Spice.  Turns out, the cage they chose (which I might ad, resulted after much long deliberations, you'd think they were choosing a new car, not a $100 cage) only has a door close to the bottom and two doors on the side.  And, they find it difficult to get the chin out.  Apparently they were too concerned about the sturdiness of the bars (because, you know, the cage has to apparently stand up to 4000 tons of pressure, should a car happen to land on top of it), and not so concerned about how easy it would be to get the chin out.  So, the kid's complaining she can't get her chin out, and they want to bring back the cage and get another one.  Fine, so they ask about another cage which I'd recommended because it had thicker bars which they had liked, and I told them, it has two doors,one towards the top, but if the chin is on the very top shelf, it's still difficult to get the chin out. For anyone, not just for a kid with short arms.  I can't design a perfect cage, sorry.  So, in the email, they ask if they can buy the cage they used for the trial run.  How bout... no?  It's MY cage.  It's the one we use for the expos, and it has shelves made with the poo guards, which I absolutely despise having to cut and make (which is why they're not offered on the website).  So they asked about the new cages  that I have for sale, the medium one.  Which, actually, is the same cage as the cage they took on the trial run.  They can take that one, it's fine with me, but here's the thing -- this whole "the store is closed" thing has turned from me wanting a break to everyone adopting a chin wanting half the store items with the chin.  So much for that.  Now, if they want that cage, I don't have enough wood here to make the shelves, AND, Menards is a week late already on my order of bolts and wingnuts.  So I may not even have enough here to shelve the cage even if I did have the wood, as I don't build the shelves for a new cage until I actually have someone buying one of the new cages.  So much for relaxing on my two weeks of store being closed.

So I told her, I can check in the morning about the bolts -- I'll count how many I used on the expo cage and if I have that many, I can replicate the shelves in the new cage, though that will require a trip out to the hardware store for wood, and a trip to Menards to ask where my order's managed to be.

AND I went to the post office today to mail two packages -- a hidey house order from back in December (oops) and another package -- when I met with Amber (the guinea pig rescue), in exchanging the critters, I forgot to give her one of her bags, which contained 20 of the muncher's delight chew toys.  Whoops.  I told her we could just meet up next month again, but I guess she wants them before then, so she asked me if I could pack them up flat rate.  Well they just barely fit in a large flat rate box, and I mean like SQUEEZED in there.  Well, at the time she hadn't paid yet (she has now), but I figured she's good for it.  See, if I know you, or you've been here enough times that you notice changes at the rescue, you can have more leniency on small-amount payments, i.e. your package will ship while I'm waiting for your payment, you can paypal me when you get home but take your stuff with you today, you can write a check, etc.  And I've known Amber for awhile, so I figured I'd ship her box and I know she'd be good for the payment.  So I get to the post office, and the stinkin APC machine is out of order.  Really?  Like I put all the orders together and everything and of course, when I finally do, I get there and it's out of order.  I was glad I was going elsewhere (to pick up dinner) or that woulda really been a peeved situation.  Though, on a positive note, I did pick up a stack of boxes (those medium flat rate ones make awesome chin/rat carriers for short trips when people don't have and won't buy a carrier), so I'll be set for future pickups and for future flat rate Mazuri orders as well. 

But ooooh frustrating.

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