Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Guinea pigs and other things.

So, remember those people who were emailing me yesterday about Apollo and about me breeding guinea pigs?  Yeah, they went and posted on a guinea pig forum about how people should flag my ad. Cause, you know, some people have no life.  So, an admin on that forum was on Chins-n-Hedgies, and PM'd me to let me know what was being said.  They knew it was me, cause when I responded to the original person, my signature attached (you know, says NWI Chinchillas, etc...) and so they had basically posted how I was acting as a rescue to make myself look better.  Cause in their minds, I was making myself look bad by breeding my pedigreed chins.  Yeah, I know.  So, this admin sort of knew who I was from CnH so they were sticking up for me, and now half the people on that forum are arguing..... I just took down the craigslist ad for Apollo.  I don't even care.  If someone's looking for a guinea pig, I have enough other ads that it will pop up.

So, in anticipation of the girl scouts coming Wed, I was cleaning today and trying to move stuff to where it actually goes, so it's not such a congested mess down there.  Will probably clean a few more cages tomorrow and get some more vacuuming done so that I'll have less to do Wednesday.  I started building the motorhome for that guy's order.  Also cut up the wood for several more hidey houses.  Need to drill the holes and sand, but that's for another day. 

So then, I went through, and on all my wooden items like the hidey house and the car and mobile home, I added "Also, please note that this item is typically made to order, and can take up to two weeks to be shipped out. " to lessen my load a tad.  Cause I was getting emails two days after orders would come in, saying, did you ship out my item yet????  And while I would love to always have hidey houses in stock so I could just leisurely make them and have them ready when orders come in, the rescue has to be super slow for that to happen.  So, I put that up.  And if I do have them in stock, I can ship them right then, but if not, I have two weeks to make the item, so I don't have to be tripping over myself rushing to make orders.

So I listed Joey (rex rabbit) and Dash (black variegated rat) today, and finally found my paperwork for the standard grey boy that was returned after Christmas, and put his ad up as well.  Also put up a courtesy listing for one of Amber's (guinea pig rescue's) rabbits. 

Someone had asked about some specific flower products that they wanted carried at the store, I could only find calendula petals (marigold).  My usual supplier for the hawthorn berries and all has it, and it seems reasonable (and is organic), so I think we'll try stocking at least a pound (I need to order rosebuds and hawthorn berries from this place anyway) and see how it goes.  I plan to look more in depth to see what else I can add to the store from that place.  But not today, it's already late.  

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