Thursday, January 10, 2013


Ok, so today is one of those frustration days.

First, we got a chin back.  Sold the chin to the dad, who said that his son (23 yr) wanted a chin and had been asking for one or hinting for one, something like that, for Christmas.  So he gets him a chin and all accessories.  Turns out, he gets the chin home, and the kid didn't literally mean, "get me a chin."  Apparently the kid said he's not at his actual apartment enough to care for it.  So, we get it and everything with it back.

Then, I had someone supposed to come tomorrow to adopt a guinea pig.  Ok, so she calls and says she can't come pick him up, because she's starting a second job, and between both jobs she's going to be gone from like 6 am to 7 pm.  Fair enough.  But then she says, well, when summer comes, give me a call cause I don't work during the summer, and I can adopt then.  Um, excuse me?  So, for 3 months, the pets will have care, but then what about when she starts up work again?  I wrote down her number and may very well call her around summer, but that question is going to get answered first, before she leaves with anything. 

Moving on, I had someone who was texting me last night about the degus.  So the texts were one after another, until I sent a text asking if she'd read in the ad that only one of the degus was handleable.  All of a sudden, no texts back.  So I texted asking if she was still interested.  Nothing.  Texted saying that if she wasn't interested I needed to know so that I could move on to the next person.  Nothing.  And I wasn't like giving her 2 mins between texts, she had like at least 15-20 between each of mine.  Ok, so this morning, she texts and said that she went to sleep, and asked why I hadn't sent her the adoption form.  Oy.  Like people, if you're going to text me back in 15 seconds after every time I text you, and you decide to go to sleep, at least preface it with a "I'll talk more tomorrow," or something. 

So, she gets the forms back to me, decides which cage she wants, and we're trying to set up a time and she asks for the address.  So I give it to her, and I tell her, I can either have her here in the morning or later in the afternoon, cause mid-day I have an interview (yeah, who-hoo, expensive private college education and law degree and this_close to an MBA and I'm going for an interview as a gift shop cashier at a casino -- remind me what that schooling did for me again?).  So I tell her, the latest I can do is 11 or the earliest again is like 4ish.  So, first she says 10, and I say that's fine, and then she says, oh, we're 3 hours away.  Really?  Like you're just now realizing that?  Cause every, and I mean every ad I have up says, "This [insert animal] is located in Munster, IN (46321)."  The idea being, before you email/call/text me, you look up where that is.  Course, that's banking on the idea that people actually read the ad, and let's be real, they read the title and call/email/text.  So, yeah, I'm three hours away, I could have told her that by her address on the form.  So then I ask her if that means she doesn't want to come tomorrow (because she gave me some response dealing with the fact that she has kids and she has to plan for this, cause she didn't realize it was so long, and yadda yadda).  So she says she's trying to figure something out.  Asks what time again she can come, and I say, no later than 11, no earlier than 4ish.  "Ok, how about noon your time?"  AHHHHHH *pulls hair out*

On a positive note, even though the current people for Lucy didn't show up and never emailed, I got an email from the people who were interested in her and then said they were going on vacation and would get back to me.  So, assuming I hear back from them, she may be going home after all. 

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