Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Chin dropoff and girl scout prep

So, today was a relatively uneventful day.  Had scheduled someone to come by who wanted to drop off a chin -- they actually showed up (who-hoo for them!) and then proceeded to tell me how they were a tad unsure about asking if I could take in the chin, cause they'd been reading the blog and all the recent posts were so negative and mad.  Oops.  They said they understood though, with how everyone had been canceling or not showing up or giving me "dog chew toys" as an answer, it was actually kind of funny. 

So they dropped off a dark ebony male.  Apparently it's less than a year old and originally from ABC Chins (Kristi @ Crystal Lake, IL).  It's a nice looking chin.  They couldn't remember exact age, they said less than a year old, so we're gonna go with 9 months as best guess.  They were feeding him Oxbow (kudos!) and brought a little toy, hidey house, and chews with him.  So he's now got part of a FN to enjoy. 

So then, I had someone email wanting to come pick up some plastic shelves (the ones that come with the cage, so they came and got them, so another person on time.  Maybe this is a start to people actually coming when they said they would.

Went to Meijer, picked up some leafy greens for the pigs.  Was going through my emails and I noticed I had one saying my domain name (nwichinchillas.com) was going to expire in April.  So I renewed it for 5 years, cause doing so would save the rescue $75 (versus renewing it yearly).  So it doesn't expire until 2018.  So I won't have to think about that for awhile.  My web hosting expires in September 2013 though, so that'll be coming up later this year.  Will see about renewing that for several years as well. 

Started prepping for the girl scouts to come over.  I cleaned the guinea pig cages.  Took Joey's (rabbit) cage and cleaned out the side that he poos in, put down a tad of dry bedding, and put in a litterbox.  We shall see if he uses it.  Also cleaned Rochelle's cage and Shiloh's cage.  Now, all that's left in terms of bedding is the shredded paper.  Which is such an AWESOME thought, as I was hacking cause of all the shaving dust today.  Ick.  No dust with shredded paper, yay!!   Some of the cages still have shavings in them, but once those are eventually dirty enough to clean, then those will have the paper too.  I'll be able to breathe!  Minus the pet hair and dust and all, but at least there won't be additional dust from the shavings.

So I cleaned up everything, tried to get everything where it should be, in it's place, and pulled out a table for the girl scouts.  They said I'll have 17 kids, so I'm thinking I will need to pull out a second table, and I can have girls on both sides, so two assembly lines, getting ready the goodie bags.  So that'll be good I think.  Still need to get out the second table, get the bowls with all the items in them, get the number of whatever taped to the table... but that will all be during the day tomorrow.  I have someone coming to look at a cage at noon tomorrow, so I gotta be up for that, and then they're not coming til like 6:30, so I'll have time in the middle to clean any mess or poos that've been left by the critters and get ready for them to do their project. 

Also went around and filled up all the hanging chew toys.  Drilled and glued the wheels on the motorhome.  I could've had it finished and already packaged to head out tomorrow, but.... somehow, every time I make the motorhome, the roof is a tad too short, so I always end up having to cut an extra piece and glue it on.  Which isn't a huge deal, but this time, I purposely cut the roof so it'd be too long, so I'd have to go back and trim it to make it the right size.  Well... I'd already vacuumed up all the sawdust from the table saws, and vacuumed the surface part of the tables themselves, so I figured, that can wait until after the girl scouts leave.  Cause I tend to leave the saws and the area underneath them unvacuumed until it becomes ridiculously heavy with sawdust, but I want it to be clean for tomorrow.  After tomorrow, it can go back to messy again.

On my to-do list, not for tomorrow, but for eventually, is to organize boxes.  Seems I have like a gazillion boxes and they're all like practically stacked to the ceiling in the one area of the basement.  So I need to like condense, even if it means breaking most of them down so I can not have such a disaster pile.  At the very least, it needs to become two piles -- small boxes for a few little items and then another pile for hidey houses and larger items.  With maybe a third pile of ultra huge boxes for when people order 4 hidey houses at once (hey, it happens).  But that wasn't today, today I just threw more boxes on top of the ever growing pile.

And I even vacuumed the steps going down to the basement.  How they get so covered in fur and hair and junk, I will never know.  It's gotta be some stuff falling out of trash bags, and some dog hair and chin hair, but it really piles up!  Well, now it's clean though.  Yay.

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