Thursday, January 24, 2013

Not much going on today...

So today I missed a call from someone asking about the degus.  Called them back saying that they were on hold, but I could let her know if they decided to back out.  Haven't heard back yet.

Had Snowbell picked up today.  :)

Shipped out that motorhome that I've been talking about forever.  Finally cut off the too-long piece on the roof, packaged it up, and out it went.  Also sent out an order of 5 pounds of food, and an order from the Twilight event.

Hadn't heard from one person regarding their Twilight event orders.  Talked to Christine (owner of Twilight) and she contacted them, cause they'd seen my message Monday, but hadn't gotten back to me regarding exactly what they wanted in their order and so, I hadn't been able to get them an invoice.  So, Christine emailed her, and she contacted me saying sometimes her boyfriend used her computer and so she hadn't seen the message.  Ok, so she told me what she wanted the order to be, and I messaged her with the total.... and here we are.  Still waiting.

Messaged another person with an outstanding order saying I'm going to the post office tomorrow, and if they pay by then, it can go out then.  Dangling the carrot, you know?  So, they paid, and now I will be going to the post office tomorrow.  Lol. 

I ordered the globe flowers, jasmine flowers, hibiscus, and calendula today.  Also ordered more hawthorn berries and rosebuds.  So everything but the globe flowers should get here quick.  The globe flowers are coming from China, so that may be a bit of time before I can get them here.  But otherwise, they were gonna be super super expensive, so China it is.  And they're still looking like it's gonna be around rosebud price.  Though I imagine, like the rosebuds, you get a decent amount because I bet they're light.

My mom cut up more of my spare fleece so I stuffed and sewed the last few cuddlebuddies that I had ready to be stuffed.  So those are now up on the website along with the two newest hammocks.  Even got them up on the fleece items for sale page.  Still have more hammocks and cuddlebuddies to do.  What I have cut up ready to be sewed is all of my non-chin-safe fabric, so I guess the rat hammocks are getting made next. 

I think that's it for today.

Oh wait, I don't think I posted about the girlscouts.  But I'm waiting for permission to use some of the pics, so I'll come back to that another day, for pictures anyway.  But to quickly wrap it up, it was fun, we got a lot of goodie bags made, and the kids seemed like they had fun.  

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