Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Pictures (to go with the last post)

Got my pictures re-sized and all (for the previous post).  Here we go:

Lilly with her new "mom," Chantel.

GiGi with her new "dad," Chris.

Our male beige hooded rat, now "Peanut Brittle," with his new mom, Courtney.

Spice, with her new "mom," Claira.

(from a few days ago) Kandie with her new "parents," DeeDee & Dave.

Roo (mink variegated female dumbo rat) and Tweak (black variegated female dumbo rat) with their new "mom," Courtney.

......we (me & Meredith) were saying we wanted to get out "evil" and squeeeeeeeeeeze her (to see if evil would come out, haha), and this is the picture that resulted.....

Meredith with one of our rescue pigs, David.  His color isn't actually split down the middle quite like this, it's just the way the picture looks because of hand placement.

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