Sunday, July 9, 2017

Deposits and holds... yes, I know

So, I know I've talked about this over and over and you're probably sick of it.  But one last time... deposits and holds.

We will hold a chinchilla for a few days while you decide, or get here, to adopt.  If you want one held longer than a few days, we need a deposit, which will hold the chinchilla 14 days.

The 14 days is 14 days.  If I'm going to be out of town some of those 14 days, noticeably around the end of the 14 days when someone would want to pick up, the 14 days can be extended a couple days to make up for the time I'm gone.

But... 14 days is 14 days.  It's right in the sales policy.  14 days is not 17 days.  It's not 30 days.

Why not?  Because that's not what the policy says, simple as that.

Can I hold the chin longer than that?  Maybe.  Doubtful, but I won't extinguish all possibility.  Right now, when I have 18 chins on our waiting list wanting to come into the rescue?  No, 14 says is it.  When there's negative cage space, 14 days it is.  If I have tons of open cages, I may be more lenient, but not when there's no space and we have chins waiting for the existing space.

I guess I don't get, why do people question this?  I've had two people, just today, ask, well if they pay them in full, will I hold them longer.  Can someone explain to me why that would make any difference?  Ok, let's look at this a minute.

July 9 -- deposit $200
July 23 -- final payment $200
total $400


July 9 -- paid in full $400
August 6 -- pickup, nothing paid
total $400

So... how does being paid in full right now actually benefit me, versus just getting a deposit now?  The only difference it makes is that I have the money sooner (which really doesn't matter, I'm not that poor)... but the chin sits around here longer, and takes up cage space, which is at a premium right now.  So maybe you can understand why that doesn't motivate me to hang onto them, with being paid in full.

Further, and lastly, most rescues and breeders don't hold animals (whatever kind) at all.  AT ALL.  I mention that, because people have hissy fits that it's only 14 days, when most places, if you don't beat anyone and everyone there... you don't get that animal.  Most don't care if you say, oh I'll be there in an hour... someone gets there before you, you're out of luck and don't get to adopt that animal.  It's not to be mean!  I can even tell you that -- it's because people are so flaky!

Case in point: I have someone right now who asked about if two chins would get along, so I paired them (yes they get along).  Later that day.  Oh, well how about these two?  Yes.  Following day, well, can we try a few more pairings?  No.  I explained, it stresses out the chins to keep pairing over and over, so unless they had more serious inquiries, I'm not going to pair all the chins here, so they could be sure (they wanted to be absolutely sure, their words).  Next day, they asked what other chins I have here that aren't listed.  Standards and a violet.  Oh can they see pics of the violet?  So I sent pics of the violet.  They ask for info on him, I send info on him.  This covered a few day's time if you noticed, and every day in these few days, I informed this person, I had people coming over to adopt, and that because they hadn't picked a specific chin or two and hadn't put down a deposit, I wasn't holding any of these chins, so they could possibly be adopted, if one of the adopters coming to look, wanted one of these chins.  Several times, I was told, I would have a deposit for one specific chin.  Then after not having a deposit from yesterday, when I should have had it, I messaged the person today, again informing that I had people coming, and without deposits, the chins could sell.  So, they say they're busy at the moment, because of course they are, but again, they remind me that they 100% want these two certain chins, and will put down a deposit tonight, so could I hold them?  So I said, sure whatever, because I'm apparently stupid, but I figured, ok, they narrowed it down to two, that was progress.  Fast forward to tonight, they want to call and talk about some stuff, which is fine, and ask about putting down a deposit to hold the chins.  I tell them how much the deposit is and that it holds for 14 days.  Well, can't they be held longer?  No.  What about with full payment?  No.  Oh... well, they'll get back to me tomorrow.  *yanks out all hair on head*  What happened to that deposit, that I was, for sure, supposed to get, several days ago?  And mind you, because I'm not a total prick, because I know this person is wanting these chins, I have NOT sold them to other people.  So who's the one getting walked on here, as this person doesn't put down a deposit day after day after day?  THIS is why places don't hold animals at all, regardless of people showing interest, because I probably could have sold both chins, several times over, by now, and not had this flake to deal with.

I just want to end with one little thing for you to think about:  if you are unable to pick up the animal within 14 days... I honestly feel like you should not even be looking yet.  It doesn't matter if you're talking about a breeder or a rescue or whatever, or even what animal specifically.  Most dog breeders won't hold dogs past a few days for pickup.  Even people breeding for show can determine, by 8 weeks, which puppies are show quality (so, which ones they are keeping), and typically have some sort of clause in their sales policy that states that people need a deposit down and have x amount of time after the deposit is put down, to pick up the puppy.  I've seen plenty that state, if the people already have the deposits down by the time the puppy is 8 weeks old, then the puppy must go to it's new home within the week following the puppy turning 8 weeks.  Adult animals are somewhat different than puppies, in that they are already ready to go when the deposit is put down.  For puppies, you might put down a deposit at 3 days old, and not be able to pick up for 8 weeks, so that's sort of the exception... but for animals that are already ready when you are looking to put down a deposit... if it's going to be a month before you can pick them up... why are you even looking?  I don't ask that to be facetious, but if you're not quite ready yet... I guess I think you should wait until you're more ready, especially since most places won't hold the animal for you.  That is all.

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