Thursday, July 27, 2017

Does The Chin Come With...

Not sure if this is the same person or not (cause some have been emails, some texts, some through hoobly messages), but times lately it has been asked, "does the chin come with a cage and a dust bath?"  Why those two specific items, I don't know.  Obviously, both are needed... but there's other items needed as well.

The most recent was... would you provide a cage and dust for a dust bath.  So, slightly different, but same concept.

I just want to quickly re-iterate that most of the chinchillas that we get in, at the rescue, do not come with any supplies.  People bring the critters in, in a box, sign the required paperwork, and leave.  We do not often get cages in with chinchillas.  Even when we do -- the last few have been guinea pig type cages, which would not be appropriate for chinchillas.

Without the cages coming in with them, we do not have cages to send out with them.

Also, keep in mind -- when you adopt a dog, it might come with a collar and a leash.  Might.  Many places specify that you need to bring these with you, when you come to pick up your new adopted pet.  But... the dog will most likely NOT come with a crate, or with food / water bowls.  Some dog food, sure.  A toy, maybe.  Moreso if you're buying a puppy from a breeder, you might get the collar / food / blanket / etc.  However, I used to volunteer at a humane society, and they would wash the dog before you came to adopt -- but you had to supply everything.  So... this is across the board, that when you adopt an animal, you typically adopt just that animal, not including its things.

For us, most of our animals are in our double ferret nation rescue cages.  We are unable to give those away, as they cost a fortune, and we need them to be able to take in, and rehome, future critters.  Therefore, unfortunately, no, we will not be providing a cage and a dust bath.

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