Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Plastic = The Devil

I guess I've drilled in a few too many people's heads and wrote in too many places about how bad plastic is for chins.  And don't get me wrong, it is... but I wanted to write this post because... just because plastic is bad, doesn't mean everything else is good.

I had an adoption form filled out the other day, where, for the section asking what type of shelves their cage had, they wrote "not plastic."  Of course, I emailed them back, asking, well, what are the shelves then... but this brings up an interesting point.

Just because the shelves aren't plastic, doesn't automatically mean they're safe.  If they're wire mesh shelves, they need to be a small enough mesh so feet and legs don't fall through -- not all wire mesh is safe.  If they're metal shelves, it's important that they're not all rusty and don't have jagged edges.   If they're wood shelves, we need to be sure they're made of safe wood, and not, say, cedar.

I know we all read everywhere how plastic is the devil, and yes, it is... it can cause a buttload of problems.  But... keep in mind, just because it's NOT plastic, doesn't mean it's automatically safe.  That is all.

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