Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Updates on Workers

So... I had a person or two ask me for updates on what was all going on with the people I posted about in my Workers posts last week, so I wanted to give you a quick update.

The person from the Walmart self-checkout, this post here, she never did text back.  A few days later, I asked if she was still wanting to volunteer or come help or whatever... also never heard back.

The person who originally told me, the could work anytime needed, clean anything, yadda yadda, and then could only come that one day the one week... post here, so she was supposed to get back to me for when she could work that following week.  She got back to me and told me she could work Tuesday.  I was going to be out of town until Wednesday night, so I told her this, and she came back saying she could work Thursday.  I asked what time Thursday, and she said she wasn't sure, but she'd get back to me about that on Tuesday.  Fast forward to Tuesday... Tuesday comes, Tuesday goes... no message.  So Wednesday, I message her asking if she's still wanting to come that following day to work and pick up her cage, and she said, OHHHH, NO, she meant the FOLLOWING week cause she was in Florida until the following Sunday.  Can work anytime.  Yep.

Let me back up for a second.  When she was originally there at the rescue, and originally said that she wanted to work, she learned that I had a used FN (cage) for sale and asked if I'd hold it until that Friday, which would have been the 23rd.  If you've ever seen me post those cages, I always put in the listing that I won't hold them more than a few days, cause usually by the time I'm posting them, they're clean, ready to go, and I want them gone.  When people post that they'll come pick it up next week, and then don't show, I've now wasted a week on selling it... so I only usually hold for a day or two.  But she said she'd get paid Friday, and would come that day to get the cage, so I said, sure, whatever.  So then, fast forward to when she said she could work Thursday (what I thought was the 29th), that would have already been me holding the cage for about two weeks for her.  Considerably longer than I wanted.  But... she wasn't going to be in town until Sunday (26th), so I figured, ok, she'd come pick up as soon as possible after that, and if she was not able, I would let her know that I was going to list it elsewhere.

Oh and also, we'd talked about the pay both in person, and when I initially texted her, asking her about working, she asked what the job paid.  $7.25/hour cash, paid daily, so I told her.

Back to her working.  So I asked, ok for the following week, when was she thinking?  She said Tuesday, and to help you follow this timeline, that would be today (7/4).  So when she said Tuesday, it occurred to me that was 4th of July, and I asked her if she realized that, and even if she did, that it would be morning / afternoon work because I was going to dinner / fireworks with family.  She said that was fine.... and asked if I'd said that I pay $8 an hour.  Nope, $7.25.  I wanted to tell her, scroll up like 3 texts and you'll see that, but I refrained.

So I asked her what time she wanted to start on Tuesday (today) and she asked if 7 am was good, and I said sure.  In my head, I thought, ok, that's early, but we'd been talking about working until 4 pm, so if she really worked that late, it'd be 9 hours, and would be worth the trip out here.  She's not far, but I can understand why someone may not want to come out for just an hour or two.  So I asked her if she wanted to plan for 7 am on Tuesday (this was Sunday, at the time) and she said yes, and we said our "see you then's" and all was good.

So then yesterday (Monday) she asked me if it would be easier to do 7-4 on Thursday.  I told her, not for me, since I have dog class and I'm gone a considerable chunk of the day, so it's hard for me to have anyone here on Thursdays doing anything.  Which, it's worth noting -- I'd LOVE for someone to point me out a job, that's not like a work-from-home job, where the employee gets to pick the days and hours.  Cause I'd almost think it's way more common with how often these people want to tell me when they think they should work.

Anyway, I asked her if she was able to still work on Tuesday as we'd planned, and she said yes, but that her mom had wanted her to check if she could come by another day instead.  I kinda find that odd, as she wanted all sorts of days and hours (her hours were getting cut at her other job), and we'd previously talked about where if she came Tuesday, and there was more work (which there always is), then maybe she could also come Wednesday, and Thursday, and so on.  But whatever... So I then asked, was she going to be able to take the cage tomorrow?  Cause again, now we're at 2.5 weeks holding time, for a cage I wanted gone, 2.5 weeks ago.  She said yes, which further solidified that she was going to show up today to work and take the cage.  Good.

Fast forward to this morning.  I'd love to write that she showed up and she was the best worker ever, and I can't wait to have her work again, and all that fun stuff.  But in reality -- NOPE!  She was a no-show, no call, no text, no anything.  And of course, I was up before 7 am anticipating her (and you all know, I'm not a morning person), only to not have her show, and not even let me know why she didn't show (and she couldn't have forgotten, since we talked about this all last night).  So... cage no longer on hold, and she no longer has a possible job here.

I read an article last week about how teenagers no longer have summer jobs like they used to, and someone I know posted a comment on the article saying, "it's not cause they're lazy!!"  I believe the actual article talked about how there's no opportunities for them, and they can't find a job, and yadda yadda.  My experience with these high school and college age people... not necessarily would I say that they're lazy, cause when I do get people in, they work just fine... but they don't seem to want to put forth any effort to actually come in!  In theory, they want to work -- to make money... but they don't want to come in.  When they decide they don't want to come in, after actually being scheduled to work, and expected to show up, they don't call.  They don't text.  I could understand, if I got a call or text or whatever and found out, ok, family emergency, can't come.  Fine, we can reschedule... but now, it's almost 1 pm here, about 6 hours later... and nothing.  To me, that's unacceptable... for ANY job.  You want a job, you have to either show up when you're scheduled or have a damn good excuse why you didn't for that one time you don't show up.

In addition... you all remember my posts about those other people (the guy and girl couple) who were also "available anytime" -- yet never when I needed -- same as this girl.  Maybe I don't get it... but they must think that if they say that, they'll get hired because of that (and don't get me wrong, it sure helps!)... but then, when they're never available, they're un-hired just as quickly..... so, to me, it doesn't make sense.  No, teenagers don't seem to have summer jobs like they used to (like I used to when I was that age).  But... I don't think it's not because jobs aren't available.  I see help wanted signs everywhere, and I need help... but no one wants to work, no one shows up when scheduled -- that makes it their own fault they don't have jobs.  For those of us that give them a chance, I have no doubt that many of them blow it, just like they do here....

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