Thursday, July 13, 2017

Goldbars and Other MNWI Specific Chins

Occasionally, people ask for specific chins.  They want a goldbar, or an ebony, or what have you -- but they want it bred here, so they can see the parents, and know it's from good lines, and what have you.  All good, no problem there.

Only thing is this -- if you want one that's bred here... it may take longer than if you don't care what breeder it comes from.

Case in point.  When I had those goldbars for sale at the beginning of the month, they went quick.  I had a few people ask about when I'd have more.  In case you missed the word on the street, Jim really did sell out of his goldbars.  I upped my numbers and now have 5 females in my run with my goldbar male, one of Jim's retired breeders, a goldbar who I've named Midas.  I will finish out that run with an additional one eventually.  But anyway, what this boils down to is this -- since Jim doesn't have any goldbars, and hardly anyone breeds goldbars... the only way I will be having goldbars in the future is if they are from my own breeding.  Again, no problem with this... until someone wants one right away.

I had someone that was wanting to get one in August, and sent me an email telling her to be sure to let her know when I had one that would be ready by the day in August she'd be able to pick up.  Now, I don't know if there was a miscommunication or what, but somewhere along the lines, something must not have been communicated right, because those two kits I sold earlier this month were the only baby goldbars I had.  Previous to that, I retired a goldbar female who wasn't breeding (Pearl), and got in three new chins from Jim for the goldbar run (prior to him selling out the goldbars).  One was a goldbar, another was a blocky standard goldbar carrier, the last was an ebony goldbar carrier (because apparently another breeder had convinced that goldbar wraps would be a big thing...that chin was left around from when that didn't go anywhere...but hey, she carries goldbar, so hey, I can use her, and she's actually a decent looking ebony).  Those three were just opened up to Midas in the run.  Then, the mom of the two kits that were just sold got really run down from this pregnancy, so she's currently closed off from breeding until she regains her weight and looks better.  So.. at the time, that leaves only one female in that run who was open to Midas for any length of time recently... so, there will not likely be any goldbar babies anytime soon.

The reason I mention this all though, is because I told this person (and this applies to any chins that I don't currently have)... if it's not already born, it won't be ready by mid-August.  I mean, think about this.  A chin born today isn't weaned til early September, and ready at the earliest, a week or so after that.  This is where getting MNWI chins can take more time.  If someone wants a baby of a certain color & gender, and I already have one, I can mentally note that, and let them know when it's ready to go... but if it's not born yet... we all just have to wait for it to be born!  Unfortunately, I can't will these chins into existence... as nice as that would be!

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