Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Flight Attendant

If you talked to me recently, you heard that we had a flight attendant stop by and pick up two chins.  Someone who lives in North Carolina.

They had originally messaged me, telling me they wanted to get some chins, and I had responded saying, you know, not able to ship this time of years, yadda yadda... but they'd already told me they were a flight attendant, so I asked if it was different for them.  They responded that they could take them in-cabin, no problem....  Awesome!

So they came the other day to pick up their chins!  Two sweet girls, both bred here, a mosaic and a goldbar.

They flew from home to Amsterdam, then back to New York, then over to Chicago, rented a car and drove here.  Due to flight connections and delays (apparently NY weather was all sorts of stormy), they got here... oh... 1 am.  After picking up chins, they drove back to the airport-area, where they had a hotel, to fly back in the morning.

So this person was super nice, will be giving a great home to these girls!  She said she would get here and make it happen, and she sure did!

And a side little perk for me -- she brought me food and stuff from Amsterdam!

And of course, a pic of the awesome person and her two new chins!

Just goes to show, there's people out there that will put forth a lot of effort to get what they're wanting!

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