Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Events We Are At

People are always emailing and asking, hey, will you be at this event or this event.  While I acknowledge that I may not always be super on top of things, one thing that I do my absolute best to keep updated is the "Come See Us" section on the website. 

In case you missed that section, it's on the home page, on the right hand column.  It is basically a list of expos and other events where you can come see us.  Mostly, we will have a booth at these events, but I've also started listing chin shows where I will be, because of course, I can also bring supplies and chins to those as well.  It is noted if we will not have a booth, so unless it says something along the lines of, "we will not have a booth but can bring chins / supplies, contact to schedule"... assume we will have a booth there.

It is currently up to date as far out as May.  I'm not positive as far as what's going on beyond May, and actually, there is one weekend coming up, where I'm not sure if I'm going to be here, at the AAE, or at a chin show.  So that one's currently left off... but the others up there are current and we will be there.

If you're wanting to come to the house and see all the chins, as usual, we will schedule appointments, but I do my best to keep the Come See Us section updated, as I understand that not everyone can find easy time to make appointments and it may be easier for some people to show up, at some time, while an expo is running.

Just never hurts to check that section and see if I have an event listed.  If I don't, you can always ask if we'll be there, but common sense -- I can't be in two places at once, so if I've already got an event for Saturday and another event you're thinking of is Saturday... probably only gonna be at one.  Email if un-sure though.  Thanks!

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