Saturday, March 10, 2018

Gargoyle Gecko

I apparently was not aware how much everyone seems to want gargoyle geckos!  Granted, you don't see a ton of them at the expos I go to, so maybe that contributes... but jeez!  I posted the new geckos up for adoption, and four of them have gone to their new homes...

... but in the meantime, I've had at least, AT LEAST, 20 emails about the gargoyle gecko.  I had no idea they were popular!  When you go to the expo, for geckos, you see 95% crested geckos and leopard geckos, with those split pretty equally between the two... so I would have thought a gargoyle gecko would have had less of a following... but I've gotten so many inquiries... maybe not.

At this point... everyone's out of luck, as one of our previous gecko adopters is scooping him up... they put down a deposit on him (and they were the first one to contact us about him... checking and re-checking the website for animals you want does have some benefit), and right now, we're just working on scheduling a time for her to come get him. 

This is the gecko, for people curious what the little guy looks like:

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