Monday, March 5, 2018

Tradition Pelleted Food Availability

This was almost funny.  I got a message from someone the other day, asking what pet store I get tradition at, because they can't find it.  I replied:

I get my Tradition delivered by a Hubbard dealer, a half ton at a time.

Obviously, not everyone knows that, but I do.  We go through 50 pounds every 2-3 days, and that's not counting the amount I ship out.  So, for example, saying roughly 2 bags a week comes out to 8 bags a month, that's 400 pounds of chin chow a month... just for our animals.  Not including the feed that's shipped out.

Anyway, the reason I mention this... I did respond more to this person, I didn't give her a short little answer, but the thing is, we get in Tradition from Ohio because it's the best.  Maybe not for every chin out there, but if you have a whole herd of them, it's considered the best as far as nutrients and having been developed especially for chins and all that, and it's reasonably priced, accessible (well, if you're getting the amount we are), and it works good.

But all that said, it is only available in 50 pound bags.  You won't find it in a pet store.  You might be able to get your feed store to order it in, like special order it for you... but you're not going to be able to pick up a 5 pound bag off the pet store shelf.

And that's why we sell it.  Initially we started selling chin chow (which was Mazuri back then... which we still do sell and the rescues are on) because people didn't want to immediately have to run to the pet store to pick up more (though all animals do come with ~2 pounds to start you off)... and now, most of the animals are on Tradition.  It sells for $0.75 per pound or $35 for a 50 pound bag.  People pick up their orders all the time here, and then many are shipped out.. I can ship 11 pounds of Tradition for $23 shipped to the door.  So, there are options to get it, whether you're picking it up in person or getting it shipped... just unfortunately, you won't be able to go to the pet store and pick it up....

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