Sunday, March 11, 2018

Shipping Fees & Refunds

So, I think I've talked about this before, but I try to keep shipping as low as possible.  The shopping cart isn't the greatest (to say the least) about figuring out shipping.  On large orders, especially ones containing several houses, it's not uncommon for me to be refunding $40-60 in overcharged shipping fees.  These fees are refunded after the order goes out and I see what actual shipping costs are. 

In addition, if you order something that's in a flat rate box, and I can squish the other items you ordered in that same box, I will, and I will try to save you shipping.  Sometimes this is possible, sometimes not, depending on what is ordered.  For example, someone last week ordered a box of Tradition and 3 oz. rosebuds.  Undoubtedly, those rosebuds will fit in the box with the Tradition, so I am able to refund any extra shipping charged for the rosebuds. 

But that isn't always the case.  I had someone else who ordered a flat rate box of Tradition, several toys, and a water bottle.  Mainly because of the water bottle (which is too thick for the skinny flat rate boxes), I had to ship these items in another box.  I actually calculated shipping to determine if it'd be cheaper to send the Tradition box with some of the toys (they wouldn't all fit) and then ship the water bottle and remaining toys separate, but since this person was on the east coast, it would actually be cheaper to send one big box, than a flat rate box and another smaller box.  But that meant shipping went up, and I had to use some of what this person paid in their extra shipping charges, to ship all of these items to them.  So, they'll get a refund, but it won't be all of those extra shipping charges.

Also.... I try to get the orders out and get emails out to customers, saying when the package shipped, estimated delivery (for priority mail... first class doesn't give estimates), and let them know about their refund.... I try to do this all as soon as possible.  Often, delays happen, but sometimes, even like this past week... I shipped out the items 3/8, and I still have not done the paperwork.  I'm working on it now, so it will be done today and everyone will have their emails and refunds soon, but I did get an email from one of the customers who received the shipping notification (paypal sends one out when I print the label) about their order, and noticed I hadn't refunded the extra shipping they paid for their extra item, and wanted to check if this was new policy or what.  I told them, sorry, just haven't gotten around to the paperwork part yet, but they would be getting their $4 back as soon as I did.  Never hurts to ask! 

Honestly, it drives me insane when I order something from a company that weighs less than a pound, and I could fit in half-a-shoebox... and shipping is $15.  Come on, now... it's a ripoff.  I found something on ebay I wanted the other day, economy shipping (ha!) was $12.  I ship stuff all the time, I have an idea how heavy this item is... shipping ought to be no more than $6-7.  Yes, I know, we all gotta package and use labels... but if I can manage with charging $0.75-$1 packaging / handling for every package, they don't need $5-6 packaging / handling for theirs.  I even asked if I could pick up the item (cause they're in Valpo) and they said no, but they'd lower the price of the item by $1 to offset the shipping.  Bullshit.  Sorry, but I feel like if you want to make more money, up the price of the item, rather than try to make money off of shipping.  I just won't buy from them, because I know that the price of shipping is way inflated, and honestly, I'd rather see the item itself be $6 more, as opposed to be ripped off on shipping.  Especially since they say economy shipping.  PRIORITY for this item should be $6.  Economy shipping, HA!  It might be light enough to go first class, and if that's the case, it might only be $4 to ship, and they'll make $8.  Oh hell no, they won't be getting my business.  And this is why I will always refund the excess shipping, because I hate it when people try to rip off customers like this, and so I won't do it. 

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