Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Adoption & Volunteer

So, I had an early morning supply pickup today, and then my volunteer came over.  While I continued to make room for the new chins coming and worked on cleaning more water bottles and such, he cut up an old towel.  So yay, I have more rags!

He also helped me take chin-related stuff in my garage down to my basement, which saved me umpteen trips, and now my garage mostly has garage stuff in it.  Ok, I lied, it has a lot of junk still, but now there should be no chinchilla stuff in it. 

He also helped me take some recycling upstairs and get it in the recycling trash can, and we took downstairs a recycling bin, so from now on, I can actually just throw stuff in the bin, and when the bin is full, take that upstairs, rather than creating a pile every few days that needs to go up. 

Also, started dusting the chins.  Got about halfway done, will continue that tomorrow.

Had to run and mail out two packages before my 5 pm appointment, so two more people are getting their packages today.  Could have mailed a third, except the person hasn't called with their credit card info for payment yet, and I can't ship it until I get that.  I think I'll send them a reminder email tomorrow in case they forgot.

Then my 5 pm came and adopted the beige male that everyone thought was oh so cute on the website.  Let's all say "awww."


And I think that's about it for today.

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