Sunday, April 12, 2015

Busy eventful adoption day

So, today started out rather slow, with the first appointment getting lost, me giving them directions, and them eventually finding their way here.  They had come to adopt Snickers (Joker) and China, so two of the rescue chins went to their new homes!  Who-hoo!  And they purchased with them two of our small animal carriers (used ones), so that frees up some room.  Those sort of things take up a lot of room just sitting around.

That was followed by Ozzie's new mom coming by to pick him up.  I'd emailed her the night before to let her know that he still had loose poos and to see what she wanted to do.  Well, she opted to try to treat him at her place, so I gave her medicated supplement and he went home as well.  Ozzie will be re-named Percy in his new home.  Hopefully all goes well with his medication, if not, I'm sure I'll be receiving a phone call for assistance.... but kudos to her for trying to work with this herself.

The next family picked out the cutest tiniest little runt of a black velvet female to take home.  As well as 20 pounds of Tradition (pretty much clearing me out!  Tuesday can't come fast enough), 10 pounds of dust, and 2 of just about everything else the chin-store carries.  Plus, I got to sell one of my used cat carriers (and on top of that, one that I had JUST cleaned the night before!).

My following appointment had actually re-scheduled to the day before so I had my 1:30 open... until about 9 am, when I got an email from someone who had been thinking about adopting, but ended up getting a chin elsewhere.  But she still came here for supplies, so I thought that was awesome.  So she came at 1:30 and picked up a few things.

The next person was someone who'd messaged me over the months on facebook and settled on wanting to come and look for a female to pair with their chin, Angel.  I had told her that she could bring her chin by the rescue, and we could see if they got along, and that seemed to help seal the deal.  So, I thought she had cancelled her appointment because she was sick the night before, but apparently I missed a message that she was going to come anyway because she was feeling better.  Naturally, I had left my computer upstairs on the facebook screen, so it had appeared to her as if I had read her message.  No biggie, I was home, she came at her appointment time.  Just when she got here, I was like wait... either my next person is awfully early, or....  But anyway, one of our cutie pie mosaics got along well with Angel, so they took her home.

The next people had originally wanted to come for the guinea pigs for the one daughter and a chin for the other.  Well, when they got here, the one daughter got emotional because the guinea pigs looked so much like her other ones.  So, she didn't want to adopt the guinea pigs, but decided she wanted a chin.  So, their mom called their dad, and instead of leaving with one chin, they left with two, plus a cage, plus all supplies for that second chin.

And then my last person fell in love with a precious dark ebony male, so she took him home.

But I suppose I should mention the demon-chin, which happened at the time the people were here for the guinea pigs and chin.  They wanted to see the various chins, one being the sapphire male, who I went to pull out.  Well, he went berzerk in his cage, and flew out of the cage.  I followed him over to the steps, where I grabbed him by his tail and carried him back that way.  Then noticed I had a trail of blood leading the way I was walking.  Turns out, he'd somehow hit his head on something sharp in his cage, and so when I was holding him about upside down, it was bleeding.  Not gushing, and only really bleeding when he was upside down like that, so I put him back in the cage.

So, everyone leaves, like all the appointments, and Kevin (volunteer) was still there, so I wanted to look at the sapphire before he left, in case he escaped again.  Well, he escaped again, had to be chased again, and I went to look at his head.  A little bit of matted fur, but the wound is like tiny tiny.  Like as if someone stuck him with a pushpin and it bled.  That's it.  Naturally, it freaked out everyone that was here at that time, cause he was dropping big drops of blood everywhere (kudos to Kevin for cleaning that up for me), but not a bad wound.  So, I was trying to look at the wound, I had my foot on his tail, and gloves on both hands, and this chin was alternating between trying to attack my shoe, lunging for my gloves, taking BIG chomps out of my gloves... and this is after he bit me twice this morning (before he was even injured, so he had no excuse then).  And then, trying to get him back in the cage, the first time, we got him in, he sprung back out.  So, we caught him again.  Little demon chin.  So, I go to put him back in again, and the stinker gets his leg caught in the bars on the way in.  And as much as I'm not a fan of this chin, I still don't want to break it's leg, so I had to use my glove to distract him and let him chew on it while Kevin pushed his leg the right way through the bars to free it.  Now he's in his holding cage, with his duster in, and I will not be getting him out until Tuesday, when the psycho will be returned to Jim's.

Notice, he is no longer on my list of up and coming chins, because a chin like this that's nuts and on speed and a biting maniac will never get adopted.   But I do still have a 10 month old brown velvet male if anyone's still looking for a young one.  Need to list him.  He's energetic, but a confident owner can hold him just fine.  Had a lot of nervous people today that made him even more nervous, but I can hold him no problem.  He doesn't bite, he just wants to be supported and not held by a wishy washy omg-he's-gonna-bite-me person.

And from now on, I'm going to number these chins from Jim, cause I was just going through paperwork and I have like 5 "mosaic females."  Um....for sake of paperwork, it could help to have something more descriptive.  Ever been on and wondered about the chin numbers?  For example: "15178 Blocky Brevi Type Premium Production Quality Standard Female" - do you know what that means?  Not the description, but the number proceeding.  I finally asked.  The first two numbers are the year.  So, 15 for 2015.  The last three numbers are the animal number for that year.  So, that animal is the 178th auction animal in 2015.  Ahhhhh.  Makes sense now.  So, I feel that's a number system I could manage, and I've already found homes for up to 15020 in Jim's chins.   I'm sure this is all thrilling to read, but when you have this many pass through, without names, this sort of thing can be SUPER useful.

Ok, so the brown velvet is now listed.  All the donations from the last month or two have finally been added to the donations page.  Still tons of paperwork to go through, but you know, one of these days.....  Still need to list the other pair of males (Chili & Chico).  I have their ad written, I have their pics taken, I just need to crop and re-size them... but it's like 2 am now, so that won't be happening today.  But it's on the to-do list.

Oh and so tomorrow, I have a 9:30 am coming to pick up a standard grey female, and then an 11 am for the guinea pigs!  I had someone text me the day after the people had originally asked about the guinea pigs, and I told her I'd let her know if they didn't adopt.  Well, they didn't adopt, so I let her know, and amazingly, she hadn't fallen off the face of the earth yet, and still is interested.  So she's coming at 11.  Fingers crossed all goes well.  Night.

Oh and isn't this the cutest....

I love when they hold things with their little pawsies!!

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