Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Now THIS is interesting

So, this is definitely a new one.  Got a call today from someone in Michigan.  Said their chinchilla died a bit ago and they were giving away their chin cage and supplies on craigslist.  Said the had someone contact them, and tell them they were adopting a chinchilla named Rico from NWI Chinchilla Rescue.  Uh-huh. 

So, being smart people, they went to my website, and noted their was not a Rico.  So, they called me, gave me the first name of the person who called them, and asked if maybe Rico was a chin not listed, and I really was talking to someone of that name, who was going to adopt.

Nope, and nope. 

No Rico (I have a Chico and Chili -- but no one has asked about them in a few weeks at least), and definitely no person with that name.  I even went and checked the few emails I had in my inbox that I hadn't gotten to reading yet, in case it was someone who sent me one email and then was just assuming I'd approve em... but still, no person with that name.

The lady I talked to said she wanted to prevent someone from just getting the cage and re-selling it, she wanted it to go to someone who really was getting a chin.  And in all reality, this is why people shouldn't lie about things like that.  I mean, I think nothing of it if someone calls and asks, "hey is someone named ______ adopting?"  Saying yes or no isn't giving out any personal information, even if I tell them what chin, or whatever.  But the thing is... this stuff can be verified, and people are smart enough to actually call and say, "hey, just wanted to check...." 

Guess that person isn't getting that cage and supplies after all....

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