Friday, April 3, 2015

Totally jinxed myself

So, you know how the past few days I've been saying "oh its been busy..." and that has entailed mostly me just doing stuff around the rescue... well, I guess the world wanted to show me what busy really is... because tomorrow....

I have a 10 am appointment for someone who is bringing a chin to hopefully find a companion for.

I have an 11 am appointment for one of the young standard females to be adopted.

I have a noon appointment for someone to adopt the younger violet male.

Also at noon, my volunteer is coming by to help.

I have a 1 pm appointment for someone who wants to come by and look at chins.

I have a 2 pm supply pickup.

Somewhere around 4-4:30, I have someone else coming by to purchase a cage (already have it on the side for them) and to look at chins.

Going to actually be a busy busy day.

So to head off the disaster that will invariably happen when the first person comes shows up a half hour late and the second person shows up a half hour early and throw everything off right from the start.... I am trying to get some paperwork in order... now.  The two chins that I KNOW are going home, I have written out their pickup forms, adoption contracts, and (what I know of) their invoices.  Already got a care packet printed out and paperclipped to those.

For the other available chins, I'm writing out pickup forms, so even if they do end up adopted and I need to do more, I won't be hunting for birthdays (cause that's listed on the pickup form).  I believe (*fingers crossed*) that all of my older rescue chins that are available already have pickup forms done.   I guess I will find out tomorrow....  Printed out four more care packets just in case I don't have some downstairs (and if I do, hey, I have extras!), and also got three more adoption forms, because three of the people want to decide if they want to adopt before filling it out.  Alrighty, well, I have it ready should they decide to adopt.

I need to baggie up some mazuri in the 2 pound bags and I was going to do that today, but then realized that that would require me taking a bag of food down... so that will happen in the actual morning before these people come.... but for now, I'm going to go to bed....

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