Sunday, April 26, 2015


This was a post from 4/18... somehow never got posted.  So, posting it today (4/26):

So, this morning I had a supply pickup.  Someone who just randomly emailed me about supplies one day (versus the average person who buys supplies in person is usually someone who has adopted) stopped by today for some food, loofah, and some other stuff.  That was the first thing in the morning, and then I had a rabbit dropoff.

In case you missed the facebook post, this rabbit was dropped off:

Her name was Nightmare... now has been changed to Cookie.  Apparently, someone bought her as a gift for the 2 year old in the house, the 2 year old moved out (don't ask, I don't quite know), and left the rabbit behind.  And the adult couldn't care for her.  So here she is.  I'm actually in a decent mood, so I won't go into a rant about how stupid of an idea it was in the first place to get a rabbit for that young of a kid, but.... usually they don't move out, usually they lose interest, but either way... not a good situation.  I gave Cookie some veggies and carrots and she immediately had loose poos.  Which means, they likely did not give her any leafy greens.  They did bring a cage with her and maybe 5-8 pounds of extra food.  I have another donated bag of rabbit food (thank you Christine!) that never got used (cause the rabbit -- a different one -- never got dropped off) and after that, I have most of 50 pounds of MannaPro, so the rabbit will definitely not go hungry.  But I will need to pick up some more veggies.  Got another pound+ of carrots, so good on that front as well.  I think when I go back down, I'll dig out some toys for her.  I have the guinea pig and rabbit stuff in the same tote, and need to go through there and give her some more play things.

Moving along, Kevin (volunteer) showed up at 11.  Saturday is cleaning day, so first he helped clean out all the runs, and then we brought down all the food and wood from the garage.  That would be 250 pounds of Mazuri, 100 pounds of Tradition, 50 pounds of hay cubes, 20 pounds of squirrel corn, and a ton of 6' boards of pine.  So all the food is stacked where it goes now, the wood is in the shop.

So then Kevin left, and then Allison and Kendra (who adopted Oreo the rabbit) stopped by.  They brought Oreo by so I could see her (she looks very nice and healthy!) and then Allison stayed to help volunteer.  We started out refilling toys.  Moved onto handing out apple wood sticks, spooning out some lavender and alfalfa pellets, and filling hay cube holders.

At some point, I had set up the rabbit in the cage they brought, and then I realized, I'm trying to clean up the rescue and that just takes up more room, so I scrubbed out my red guinea pig cage (the one on the stand) and got her in there.  Also cleaned the hamster cage and got him all situated.

Scrubbed as many bowls / water bottles / pet accessories as would fit in the three dish drainers that are next to the wash tub. 


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