Monday, April 6, 2015

More Adoptions

So I didn't get a lot done today, but Saturday was super productive. 

The first person brought a chin to see if we could find a buddy for her chin.  She ended up taking home the older violet male.

Second person adopted a standard female, 3 months old, and got some supplies.

Third person came here to get a violet male (the younger one) and then decided she wanted a pair of chinchillas, so we intro'd him to our white ebony male, who wasn't even listed yet (who-hoo! saved effort!), and they got along, so she went home with both of them and oodles of supplies. 

And then I had a supply pickup, that went good.

And then someone came to look at chins and put the beige male on hold with a deposit, so that's good as well.

My 4 pm that day was unable to come, because their car broke down, but that was ok, cause they came today.  They had a cage put on the side for them, so I knew they were getting that today, but they decided they also wanted to adopt today.  So literally, I put up the ad for the pink white female on my site, petfinder, all the other rescue websites, she comes 20 minutes later and adopts her.  Lol.  I told her, as I was upstairs copying her paperwork, I saw in my email, two more emails from people that wanted that female.  Good timing on her part, I guess. 

And then someone else put the mosaic female on hold, so I think just about every young chin I have here at the moment is on hold for someone. 

But I did do a few things today, I fixed up two used cages.  The one is the long rabbit cage on wheels that was donated awhile ago... finally got it all wiped off, cleaned up, and got shelves and houses in it.  The other was one of the purple and black large cages that I sell, used of course.  Cleaned it up, fixed some broken bars, and put in shelves.  Went and ordered a new pan for it, which unfortunately upps the price of that cage by $25, so it's just shy (by like $3) of the price of that cage new.  But, that said, this cage is fun looking.  Should have taken a picture, didn't, but should have.  It's worth the price, and with a metal pan, there will be no chewing through it.  Obviously can't sell it until the pan gets here, and Bass's site says orders are taking 7-10 days just to ship, so it'll be a bit.

And then the critter nation that's here, someone had told me a bit ago they wanted one, so I marked it down, so when I got one, I would let them know.  Well today, I finally finished cleaning it, getting shelves in it, and all the stuff they wanted, and got a total for them.  So now that it's finished, it can actually leave at some point.  I can complain all I want that it's in the way, but until I finished it... not going anywhere, lol.

My one volunteer sanded some wood pieces the last time he was here (and cleaned cages, who-hoo!!) and so I went through the wood pieces and separated out the ones that needed re-sanded (not too many, but enough that I will point them out, because he wants to improve).  The others I drilled and sanded after I drilled, so those will be ready to make into toys in the next few days.  Speaking of which, I drilled into a piece of wood today... with a titanium drill bit...and BENT IT.  Guess there was a hidden knot?  Yeah so I pitched that piece of wood, and picked up some new drill bits that size when I went to the store.

Then lastly, one of my to-be adopters wanted extra large shelves 23 x 17 to fit into her cage, so I went and found wood that big and bought it.  Need to cut it, but at least now it's here. 

Finally started taking upstairs some of the plastic junk that's been sitting around that needs to be recycled.  For some reason, under that "desk" (dunno what it is, but it vaguely looks like a desk) in the woodshop, I had a pile of plastic shelves.  Well, I rarely, if ever, sell a cage with plastic shelves (when I would would be like if a ferret person was buying it).  But the only time that happens is when I have so many used cages they're coming out my ears, and I try to list them multiple ways.  Well, I'm short on used cages right now, so that isn't happening at the moment.  So those went into recycling, as will much more stuff as I cart it up here and there.

Let's see, what else.  I answered a boatload of emails from people wanting to come or talk about chinchillas or adopt or whatever.  So now, I have someone picking up their chin (one of the ones that had loose poos) tomorrow morning.  The other person whose chin had loose poos still does have them... so still medicating her.  And then I have a supply pickup scheduled for Wednesday, along with the pickup of the beige that's on hold.  And then Saturday, China & Snickers will be going home.  Ozzie will as well.  Someone will be coming to see if one of our chins will work as a companion for theirs.  And then someone else will be coming to look at chins, and then I have one more appointment scheduled, which might move to Friday, just waiting to hear back about that.  Going to be a busy weekend again.

Took pics of Chili and Chico and of the beige male that one person asked about, so I suppose I should list the pair and email that person the pics.

The person who's coming tomorrow for the mosaic female is getting oodles of herbs for her, so I got those ready.

So I will be all set for tomorrow.  Thing is, I gotta get all ready for the weekend, cause one of them needs a cage (new) and wants it set up, a lot of them are getting supplies.  But that will be another day, as it's already after midnight.

Oh and good news!  Nellie, a standard grey female who I won in a raffle at Shindig, had a baby today!  He will be MNWI E3.  The dad is Squishy, one of my grey males, so the kit is a grey, of course.  Very large male, at 64 grams!  If he grows and continues to stay this large, he will definitely be kept and shown.  We shall see! 

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