Tuesday, April 14, 2015


I dunno where today went, not a ton got done.

My appointment to adopt the dark ebony female went well, they came and adopted, so that's one more extra cage open.

I checked the location of my package for the lava bites and it's now in Ohio.  Ohio.  Right.  So, mind you, it went from California to Utah to Nevada to Iowa... to Ohio.  Funny, cause it passed me up.  I get that sorting centers can't be in every single state, but surely there's one between Iowa and Ohio?  I mean it went to like mid-Ohio by Mansfield.  Not just a tad bit over the border.  So, now the date for delivery has been moved up to Friday, instead of Tuesday, but still.  Stupid.

Maddie's to-be new home sent an email saying their deposit is on the way.  So I went on the various sites she's listed on and either took her off listing or (on the sites it's available) marked her as adoption pending.  Cause even if this home falls through, I have another right behind it (who's upset she didn't get to adopt... though both homes weren't able to adopt for 2-3 months at the time they originally contacted me... so it was kind of just a waiting game to see who was ready first).  So yay for Maddie.

On another note, somewhat unrelated to chins in general, Amber (of Wheeker's Guinea Pig Rescue) asked if I'd be able to make some guinea pig mixes.  Similar to the herb sampler and supplement, and so I spent some time looking that sort of thing up, and talking it over with her.  So, still working on that, but NWI may carry some guinea pig / rabbit herb / treat mixes eventually if all goes well.

And then I got a funnel!  You know how when you're young and get to go on a playdate or something, you're thrilled, well, when you get to be a bit older and have a webstore that packs some products in jars, you get happy over this sort of thing (which just tells you the level of excitement with which I go through life lol). 

So that's the funnel.  It's meant to help put stuff in Ball jars, which I use for the current supplement and herb sampler.  I typically use a stainless steel coffee scoop to put the mixes in the jars (and pack them down), but if you've ever seen me try to scoop the mix into the jars (a very small handful of people), you know that not everything makes it into the jars, which is frustrating.  But this is made specifically for those jars and I think it'll be awesome!

...and now that I've shared just how exciting a life I lead, I'm going to bed.  Night. 

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