Sunday, April 5, 2015

Holds and other things

Let's cover holds, and what they do and do not entail.  If you email me, say you want a specific chin, you want Ozzie, and you are coming tomorrow to adopt him -- I will put him on hold (whether or not it says that on the site, if you have a set appointment to come get one specific chin) and he will be here for you.  Per our policies, I will hold a chin for 7 days before I require a deposit. 

Let's break that down further.  That's 7 days to pickup.  Not 7 days to a trial run, where you don't know if you want the chin or not.  Not 7 days for you to convince "mom" that you need a chin (psst!  that never works!).  If you need more than 7 days, you have the option of putting down a deposit (50% adoption fee or $50, whichever is more) and that will hold the chin for 30 days.  Should you not pick up the chin in 30 days, your deposit is not refunded.  That rarely happens, but it does happen, mainly with people who (due to no fault of my own) keep rescheduling and rescheduling.  But in that 30 days, if you should need it, you have an entire month to accomplish -- waiting for your cage to arrive, getting it set up, etc etc.  It's definitely do-able.  But mind you, this is all if you have one specific chinchilla picked out.

On the other hand.... I've been having a lot of people want me to hold oodles of chins for them.  Oh they want a young female.  Let's say, for sake of argument, I have five of them.  They want to come in 7 days... and they want me to hold all of them so they can pick between them all.  Or better yet, right now I don't have some chins listed, and this person asked me to not list the chins until they come see them.  Now, again, if it was one chin and they were pretty positive they wanted that one, that'd be one thing.  But we're talking multiple chins that they want to pick from... multiple days in the future, after multiple other people are coming to look at the ones already here.

But in some situations... they want to see if their chin will get along with one of these chins.  I'm sure you've heard me talk about how there's no guarantees, no way to know.  Even if your chin and my chin have always gotten along with other chins in the past, they may hate each other.  So, no way to know until you try.  Well, the problem with that is, say I don't list the chins as available.  She's only getting one, so one of them would lose out on a week of potential adoption time.  But let's say her chin doesn't get along with either.  Then I've wasted an entire week on both chins' potential adoptions, and for nothing.

Which again, is why holds are only for people who believe they are going to adopt that specific animal when they come here.  I say believe, because sometimes people decide on a different chin once they get here.  Not often, but it happens now and then. 

One more quick thing just because I find it funny.  I think my adopters all get together and email wanting to come the same time.  Cause I kid you not, I have emails from 3 people wanting to come Saturday at 12.  I think they're ganging up on me!!  But no, it'll be a good Saturday, because Snickers and China are going home, so is Ozzie, and we'll see, maybe more!!

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