Sunday, April 2, 2017


So, in case you read this blog and think that I'm always crabby (I know, you're like, "you? crabby?? never!!" *sarcasm*)...let me share with you, two days of appointments.

Let's start with Thursday.  I had a morning appointment for supply pickup, that went well, they showed up on time, nice friendly people, all's good.  Had dog class, left for dog class, and then because of bad traffic, was rushing home for a 6:30 appointment.

Hold on, let's back up.  That 6:30 appointment on Thursday... they texted about a week prior, wanted me to come up with a treat / toy order for about $25.  Can do, no problem, we talked about what they wanted, they said the would be over the next day.  When people say that, and we don't set an appointment, I always tell people, text or call before you come, to check I'm home.  So I rush to get their order ready cause they want to come the following day in the morning (and I'm not a morning person, so I know that I won't get up early to get it ready)... the next day -- no text, no call, no nothing.  Whatever, hate to say it, but that's totally typical of this couple, so I set the order aside and move on.  Fast forward a week or so to this past Thursday... I'm rushing home for their 6:30 appointment, and I'm talking on the phone with Jim, and I mention to him... they're most likely going to be late, if they come at all.  So then, it's 8 pm, and I send them a text and ask if they're coming.  Oh, well, they don't have the money that day, they will have it the following day, so they want to come the next day.  Fine.  I tell them to text before they head over.  Perhaps unsurprisingly, they did not show up that next day and did not text or anything.

Also Thursday, I get a text from Carrie asking if I have bedding available.  Yep, sure do.  She texts me while I'm at dog class and says she'll be over around 8.  I tell her, ok, text when you leave.  No text, and she never shows up.  Later, I go back and notice that she had mentioned, if Thursday didn't work, she could come over Friday also.  Never contacted me on Friday.

Moving along to Friday... I had someone set at 10 am for a chin food pickup.  They text me and say their mom won't let them drive here alone, can they come later that night.  Sure, I will be home all day.  So, for "later," she was supposed to come at 6:30.  5:48 comes... "are you available tomorrow?"  So we set that I'm going to set their food out on the porch so they can pick it up tomorrow.

Earlier in the day... supposed to have a 1-2 pm chin dropoff.  Get a call -- her kid's sick, can she reschedule?  Again, sure.

Somewhere on Friday, I took two chins to the vet to get health certificates, so that I can then get import permits (to Wisconsin).  Got home from that and immediately got a call from someone else wanting to drop a chin off.  No cage room here, but I told the guy, ok, if he can bring the cage, he can bring the chin.  Got it.  So, he shows up with the chin and all it's stuff.

Then, I get a call from someone wanting to come pick up supplies on Saturday, hoping I have time to make some specific items (never did find the time).  Got the rest of her stuff ready, just not the one item that she was hoping for (sorry, I'm only one person, and notice is especially useful).

Don't get me wrong, I actually mean for this to be a relatively lighthearted post -- I'm not posting this stuff to complain.... but see, this is just two days of appointments / cancellations / re-schedulings / so on.  People not showing up, people not texting, people rescheduling for later in the day / week / year.  Don't get me wrong, on Friday I did have an adoption appointment, and Checker and Ollie Ogelesby got adopted.  So, plenty of people DO adopt and DO show up, and again, not posting this to complain.  But next time you think one of my posts sounds like it has a crabby tone to it... keep in mind... dealing with the public all day can be a bit trying, at times.  

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