Friday, April 28, 2017


Some people really do research.  For once, I'm not complaining.

I had someone send me an email from Nevada the other day, asking about temperatures, telling me their house is routinely kept about 76ish in the summer, and asking about air conditioning and other ways to keep the chins cool.

I advised, unfortunately, air is the only real way to keep them cool.  Fans don't help because chins don't sweat.  Cooling slabs help a tad... about the same tad as if you were hot and stepped onto a cold tile floor... it feels cool... but does it really cool you down?  Questionable.  Told her, they really need to be 72 and below for temperature or they could get heatstroke and pass...

So I told her all of this, and she responded, letting me know, thank you for the info, they don't think they could manage to keep the house cool, but if they somehow get to that point in the future, then they may reconsider a chinchilla as a pet.  They said they were disappointed, but realized that would not be best for the chin, for them to have one.

Thank you.  Let me say it again, THANK YOU.

So many people do very little, or even no, research before getting an animal.  Chins included, of course, but any animal, really.  I'd rather people research (and yes, that can include contacting me or another rescue / breeder and asking questions, it doesn't have to be just googling), and from what they learn, decide whether or not the animal is a good pet for them.  Sadly, there's a lot of pets that are not in great homes, because people don't necessarily know that they are not providing an appropriate home for the pet. For example, let's say someone in Texas with no air conditioning.  They should not have a chin.  But...if they don't know that chins need A/C.... they're not intentionally harming the chin (well, suppose that's arguable, if they did research they'd know), they just don't know.  Do your research before getting any new pet.  Thanks.

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