Friday, April 21, 2017

Mailing A Deposit

I think a more appropriate title for this post would have been:  I am not stupid -- I see what you are doing.  But... that doesn't tell you what this blog post is about.  This blog post is about mailing deposits.

Now, I don't have many people who mail deposits, so this doesn't come into play often, but... due to recent events (which have happened more than once), I have added a sentence or two into our sales policy.  Our policy as far as deposits has always been that the hold starts the day the deposit is received.  My addition to the sales policy specifies that for mailed deposits -- for people to keep this in mind, and that any delay in mailing means that the chinchilla may be adopted before the deposit gets here.

Why did I specify this, you might ask?  Because people are turds and take advantage.

Case in point.  I had someone wanting to get a chin more towards May.  I told her, we don't hold that long, could she get the chin early?  She said sure, no problem, she would mail out a deposit.  We talked, and she specified she would pick up the chin pretty much day 14, because she wanted the chin as close to May as possible.  Fine.

Except that was 8 days ago, I had not yet received the deposit... and I just got an email yesterday, saying, oh it slipped her mind, she mailed it that day (7 days after when she said she would) instead.  

I'm not stupid.  I know what she's doing.  If she thinks I don't, she clearly underestimates me.  I completely realize she wanted the chin held longer, and I specified that the 14 days started the day the deposit was received, so she, OOPS! forgot to mail for an additional 7 days.  Bullshit.  Absolute bullshit.  

I suppose, this is my own fault, since I don't believe that I specified to her, that the hold didn't start until the deposit was received.  In the future, for mailed deposits, I will be sure to specify this.  Not stupid -- remember that.  I try to be nice, but I will NOT let you all walk all over me.

One more thing -- I'm not trying to single anyone out.  This happened recently, so that's the one I'm talking about... but honestly, it happens more often than not.  People who are supposed to send a paypal deposit take a week to get it sent. Oh, they thought they had more money in the account than they really do.  Now... I'm not saying that didn't really happen... but I've honestly heard though the grapevine, from friends of people (who don't know that I know the friend), that it's been intentional....and it doesn't surprise me.      

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