Monday, April 3, 2017

Discounts -- This is Not a Garage Sale

So, as you may know, we sometimes have sales, and even when we don't have a sale, we usually offer a discount of $25, which we call the multi-chin discount.  That discount is off a same-sex pair of chinchillas.

Of course, everyone loves discounts, and we've had people basically try to name their own price.  We had a lady from California that wanted me to sell her two baby chins for $100 total, and throw in free shipping, because she was a poor student.  If you're a poor student, that poor... you don't need chinchillas.  That's more of an extreme example, as the cheapest anyone could get two chins for would be $245 (two standard grey babies), and shipping would be an additional $200, so she basically wanted us to go from $445 down to $100.  Sorry, but no.

More commonly, we simply get people asking, hey, I like these two chins, can I have them for X.  Mind you, it's never like $10 off, it's always a good chunk.  The other day, someone suggested a price for two that was $60 lower than the added-up price of the two.  I responded back telling this person about our $25 discount, and letting her know what the price for the two would be, should she choose to get them.

I was telling these things to a friend, and she mentioned, at the pet store... you don't get any discount if you buy two, and you pay tax.  So, I wanted to see how that sort of played out, money wise.

Since chins at the pet store (at least around here) tend to be $150... excuse me, $149.99 (I don't bother with that penny, my chins are even dollar amounts...I think most of us can acknowledge that $149.99 isn't really any cheaper than $150)... we'll use the example of two beiges, since I sell those for $150.

So, at the pet store, we have two chins at $149.99.  $149.99 x 2 = $299.98.  In Indiana, we have 7% sales tax.  So, 7% added to $299.98 = $320.97 for the two chins.

Here at NWI, if we had two chins for $150, it'd be $150 x 2 = $300.  But then, we have a $25 discount, so we're down to $275.

So actually, those same two chins here, would be almost $46 cheaper, without anyone asking for any discount or anything.  So you're already better off... so you might have to excuse me if I get a tad bit irritated when people ask for further discounts.  If you ever go to the pet store, and try to name your price, and they say "sure!" and ring you up for the price you named... by all means, let me know, I'll have to go try it myself.  In the meantime, they will laugh at you, and say that the price listed is what the price is.  Same here.  I know I've said it before, and I will say it again -- this is not a garage sale.

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