Tuesday, April 4, 2017

New Scam?

So... not sure exactly how this is a scam... maybe someone can enlighten me... but this has happened a few too many times for me to think it's just coincidence.

So, this is how it works.  Someone texts me and asks if I still have the guinea pig / chinchilla / rabbit / whatever still available.  Yes I do.  Ok, so we talk about it a little and they ask where I'm located, so I give them the actual address (people want it to put into the gps to see how long the drive will be), and then it gets weird.

Then, they ask if I can do them a favor.  What favor?  Oh, help them with listing a kitten (or puppy, or other animal).  Every time, it's a friend who has the animal, and that friend will drive them, to adopt my animal, oh FOR SURE, if I help them with this listing.

I always respond, if it was a small animal, we could do a courtesy post, which is ONLY on our own website, but we don't help people with craigslist list posts or posts elsewhere.  Sorry.  They always push, and since it's typically NOT a small animal, and yet they tell me I post so well (thank you, thank you, *cough* bullshit *cough*, there's nothing special about my posts), I respond telling them, since it's not a small animal, I wouldn't know what to write to make it "sound good," any more than they (or anyone) would.

They ALWAYS come back, saying, they will give me the details, description, pics... ALL I need to do is post it.

Which begs the question -- then why can't THEY post it?

This time... when this person said that, I actually responded, and asked, well, if they have all the information then there's no reason they can't do it themselves.  Their response?  they tried, but it got flagged.

Well... this is craigslist.  I guarantee you some of my stuff gets flagged as well, but it takes MULTIPLE flaggers to actually bring an ad down.  I haven't had an ad get flagged down in years... since... Indy I believe, and I left there in 2010-2011, so it's been 6ish years since I've had an ad flagged.  Which I swear, does not necessarily mean I'm doing anything right, but I'm also not stupid enough to post my pedigreed show chins for sale on there, or any other chins that would appear to be the result of my direct breeding  (since breeding and selling those animals on craigslist is prohibited -- I will abide and just post the rescues).

Which makes me further think, that if they really are getting flagged (let's just say I believe this story for a moment)... they're probably posting baby kittens saying hey we just separated them from mom... making it obvious that they're breeding... or posting clearly sick animals, or something else unethical or illegal.

Needless to say, I told this person, sorry I can't help them, and I haven't heard back.

I looked up their area code... I originally thought it was 260, which I believe is northern Illinois up by the Wisconsin border, but it's actually 240, which is.. Maryland.  Yeah, they're totally coming to get a guinea pig.  Oh yeah, no doubt.

So... I'm not sure how exactly this is meant to scam you... maybe you have to click on a link for the pictures and that wipes out your computer with a virus or something, but... this has happened multiple times now... all relatively similar, to the point that this has to, somehow, be some sort of scam.  I don't quite get it... but... this is the sort of fun stuff I get to deal with...

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