Tuesday, April 25, 2017

More Info Needed, Please!

Just wanted to write a quick post here... I get a lot of emails where I need more info.

For example... someone wants x, y, and z supplies, how much will shipping cost?  Well... to where?  Next door?  California?  If emailing about shipping, please let me know either a zip code or (even better!) full address that you want the order shipped to.

And then I got one the other day, this one was about the same lines, but chin-related.  Someone emailed and I asked about a chin that was still under evaluation, so I explained how that works, and I told this person, look at the list of chins that are in the "available" section.  So, they email back, and say that they find one they liked, and ask if I can tell them the price.  Sure can... but... which one?  Of course, I emailed back and asked which one... but before you send the email, think, could you maybe provide more information?  If this person had just said which chin they were interested in, could they have the price of that specific one, I could have just responded back with, sure, here's the price.  As it is, that'll be another 3 emails from that email (my email back to them asking which chin, their email telling me which chin, and my email telling them the price).

More information is always better *thumbs up*

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