Monday, April 10, 2017


Consideration -- some people have none.

Remember my post a bit ago about the people who wanted me to put them together a small supply order and they said they'd be there the next morning to get it, so I rushed to have it done... and then they never showed up the next day?  And then how we set an appointment for later in the week, and that day came and went, after I rushed home from dog class to meet them, and then they didn't show up then either, so I texted and they said they'd have money the next day and would text before they headed over... and then never did?

Yeah, those people.

So, Saturday, after we got home from the Taltree rabbit event, we're out picking up dinner (me and the two volunteers) and I get a text from the guy, asking if I'm home right then.  I tell him no, and he tells me that he needs to add food to his order.  We settle on 10 pounds, and he asks if he can come over right then.  Now, if you have ANY reading comprehension, you just read that I said... I'm not home.  So, I tell him no, and I specify that we are out at dinner and maybe we'll be home in about 40 minutes if he wants to come then.

So he asks if I will be home in the morning.  I tell him, we're leaving at 8:30 for the Taltree event, and he specifies that he will be in the area come 9 am.  So I tell him, I can leave the food on the porch and he can leave the money in the mailbox.  I specify how much his order is $37.75, and I tell him, since I won't be there, I can't give him change, so please make sure to bring exact or else the rest will be a donation.  He says no problem, he'll bring exact.

So I tell him, I will leave the food and supply order out and he will text when he picks it up, so it doesn't have to sit out all day.

So, Sunday happens and we leave the rabbit event, and we're about home... and I tell one of the volunteers, I bet he never picked up the order, as I never got a text from him.  Perhaps unsurprisingly, we arrive home, and the order is still out there.

So, we are taking stuff inside, putting away the playpens and everything, and my one volunteer comes in and says, hey that guy is here for the order.  And?  The order is on the porch.  Oh, he wants change.  Now... pardon me if my first response is to be like... wtf.  I TOLD the guy I would not be home, AT ALL, until late night Sunday (8 pm or later), and this was maybe 4 pm?  Hardly late night.  And he comes and picks up the order and wants change.  AFTER wasting my time and setting (and not showing up for) multiple appointments, and then adding to the order (which mind you, I had to RUSH and get those other 10 pounds to set out, because it was already late the night before), AND, after specifying, that if I was leaving the order on the porch, I wasn't going to be able to make change.  People have no consideration.

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