Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Donating vs. Trading In

I've had people come to the rescue who want to get a larger cage, and ask me, if they donate their original cage, will they get money off the larger cage?

Maybe this only aggravates me... not because they want money off... but because of the word "donation."  I view donations as things given freely, without anything given in return.  Right?  I mean, you don't donate food to the food pantry and think they're going to give you a free lunch, do you?

If you are looking for money off another item -- to me, it's a trade in.  You trade in your car, so the new car is cheaper.  If you donate your car... bye bye car, no money to you.

I realize this is all just differences in wording... but... so many people think they're doing so great by "donating," something... and then they go and tell their friends, oh they donated something, look how wonderful they are... well, if I gave you something for it, even money off... it wasn't a donation.  It was a trade-in.

Not saying this all to be mean, but this is just how I see it...

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