Saturday, June 2, 2018

Connected Chin Community

So, sometimes it's kind of funny... but like everyone in the chin community, pretty much knows everyone in the chin community.  I'm not necessarily saying that people try to hide things, but it's amazing how surprised some people can be, when we find certain things out.

Quick story for you.  The night before our double expo weekend (Hammond Saturday/ Wheaton Sunday), I had someone messaging me on the NWI facebook messenger... at around midnight.  They wanted to get a chinchilla that weekend, and asked for pics.  I told her, I didn't have pics of the un-listed chins (and I really didn't), because, knowing the expos were coming up, I didn't take the time to take pics... only to sell the chins at the expos.  I told her, she could come out to the expo and see what we had. 

This went back and forth for awhile, and eventually she said she thought she had to work, and wouldn't be able to make it, which begged the question of, well, how was she going to get a chin that weekend then?  Anyway, that's beside the point.

So, fast forward to 1 am, this person is asking me for pics, and I eventually told her, she could go look at our Available Chins page on the website, as she could at least get an idea of what we have, and I told her, we also have other colors as well, but I just didn't have pics of them at the moment.  So she goes and looks, and she's asking all sorts of questions, so I'm happy that she's learning about the chins.  At 1:30 am, she asks for pics again.  I thought, maybe I'm misunderstanding this... so I asked if she wanted them that night.  She basically said, yes, if I don't mind.  Um, no offense to anyone... but I am not getting pics of chins in the middle of the night.  You all can wait until morning.

Since she said she didn't think she could attend either expo, and I wasn't going to take pics until after the entire weekend was over... we basically settled on this: after the two expos were over, she wanted to see pics of all the baby chins that were left, so she could pick from those.  I asked her if she could narrow it down, as taking pics of 20+ chins... takes some time.  I even asked what age range she was looking for... some people think of a baby as just 2-3 months, others are open to older, say maybe up to 6 months... she said age didn't matter.  Ok, so lots of pics, but after the expo. 

She continued to ask questions, and then told me how wonderful I was, and how great it was that I responded to her, since some people were ignoring her (um... at 1:30 am... some people are... sleeping), and she said she'd leave a great review (she didn't leave one at all).  Then we got to talking about her coming to see the chins, as I told her, maybe it would be easier if she came and saw them in person.  She thought that was a great idea (which I do too... you can pick more based on personality, versus how photogenic the chin is), and so she said the following weekend (Memorial Day weekend) would work for her.

At the time, I didn't know when my parents and I were doing our cookout, so I told her, I would need to check with them, and then could get back to her.  Her response:

Well!  Thanks SO MUCH for your time, have fun at the expo!  I'd like to meet up so talk with your parents, let me know if next weekend works for you, if not, I'd be happy to wait for the next weekend!  But I've messaged a lot of people and sometimes I get impatient and end up going for it... lol I'll try to wait!

She even made sure to end her last text that night with, "Well thank you!  Please don't forget about me"

You can see where this is going, can't you?

The following day, I'm in the middle of the expo, and one of my chin-buddy friends contacts me, that person just got a chin from her. 

Now, I don't care... she can get a chin wherever she wants... and I'm sure she got a great chin from my friend.  What sort of irritates me is that I stayed up, trying to help her out, when no one else was responding... especially since she said she would do her best to wait until the following weekend... basically she was waiting  for me to get back to her about my plans for the weekend...and she couldn't have waited a literal 12 hours! 

So... I sent her a message, basically saying, hey, I heard that she got a chin, and I wanted to know if she still wanted pics of the remaining chins after the expos, or if she still wanted to make an appointment.  Of course, the answer was no, but she was absolutely flabbergasted that I knew that she got a chin.  It's a small (chin) world after all. 

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