Monday, June 4, 2018


So, I ran across something the other day, this was kinda funny.  I took some screenshots, for fear it'd be taken down before I scheduled this blog post...  you gotta see this!

So, I know we have our Trial Run Program (which has been updated, and is functional again, go check it out!), but that's like a preface to an adoption.  This is amusing, cause... they're not selling the chins... they're basically renting out playtime with the chins.

And heck, at $30/hour, man am I missing out on this market!

Plus... I have to say, at least 3 out of their 4 pictures are like googled pictures of chinchillas that I have seen countless times over the years.  Not sure if that sort of thing irritates anyone else, but I always feel like... take a pic of your own chins when you're selling / marketing them, don't just find a cutesy pic on google...

That is all!

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