Friday, June 8, 2018

Low Ballers

I love you all, you know that.  But jeez people... there's not only a sale, there's a sale on top of the sale, right now.

So, when I get an email that references one of the chins, and it asks what the lowest I'll take on the chin is... pardon me when I email you and tell you (nicely, though), that that IS my lowest price.

One of the emails I got, for example, was on the blue diamond.  If you happened to read her ad (and even if you didn't, I'll tell you here), her normal price is $450.  She wasn't here for the Spring Fling Sale, but had she been, she would have dropped down to $400.  With our Summer Fire Sale (which, the prices are basically further discounts off the Spring Fling Sale), she's dropped down even further to $375.  This is a $75 discount in price...some of my chinchillas don't even cost that much to adopt, and this is a discount on a chin.

Now... blue diamonds are a double recessive, they require both sapphire and violet to be expressed, to get the powdery blue, blue diamond color.  With the genes required to create a blue diamond, you have a much better chance of getting a sapphire violet carrier, or violet sapphire carrier, for babies, than you do a blue diamond (statistically).  So, you could have a pair that could, in theory, produce blue diamonds, and go several litters, possibly even years, without producing one.  Because of that, they tend to be on the higher side, as far as price goes.  And... that's assuming you can even find one for sale.  Since there's not a ton of them born, if they're decent quality at all, most breeders will hang onto them and they won't be available.

So, I guess what it boils down to, is... when there's a sale, on top of a sale, don't ask for further discounts.  Especially for the chins that are down to $55-65.  By the time I feed the critters, I'm losing money at that point.  Which is fine, if they're finding good homes and enjoying life there, more than they would here... but keep in mind, we need money to run, and asking for further discounts doesn't endear me to you.  That is all.

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