Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Going On's / GoFundMe

So, if you frequent our facebook page or our website, you have probably seen our recent GoFundMe campaign.  In case you haven't already run across it, you can check it out, here -->  Replenish Stolen Rescue Funds

It's sad, isn't it?  When you think you can trust someone, and then they not only betray your trust, but do so in a way that significantly affects your livelihood?

I do have a new worker, and while he's going to be leaving for college in the fall, in the meantime, he's pretty awesome.  We can knock out cleaning cages in record time, doing it together, and with his help, I'm trying to piece back together what I can.

I was talking to someone earlier about how I've had this guy here working, and they said, well, if I don't have a lot of money, how can I afford to have help?  Well, basically, how can I not?  There's a lot going on here on a daily basis, and while I don't need help at all times, and while certain things need to be done myself, there's a lot that can be accomplished with an extra set of hands.

The safe was stolen back in April.  I discovered it was gone on April 18th.  Since then, I've cleaned cages myself, and until about two weeks ago, I had almost no help here.  That's fine, don't get me wrong. but adding cage cleaning, on top of all the other work and responsibilities, got me a bit behind.  Not to mention, before all this, I had almost daily help from the guy who was stealing, and then went almost a month without anyone here working... it's easy to get behind in a situation like that.  Now, Issa and I are working on making toys and houses.  Organizing the basement.  We already did the garage the other day, and moved the used cages downstairs.  Those will soon be set up with shelves and available for sale.  We're working on knocking out orders.  Right now, we're down to just a few orders.

Yes, I agree, I'd rather do this all on my own, without help... or at least, without paying someone for help, as that would keep more money in the rescue fund.  However, to keep moving forward requires money (among other things, but the bills don't get paid with hopes and dreams), and the way to make money is to have toys to sell, have houses to sell, have the used cages ready to go if someone wants them.  I want to keep this place going, and I am doing everything in my power to do so.

Right now, every cent coming in is going directly into paying for feed / shavings / bills, and so on and so forth.  That's where the GoFundMe comes in, there's already been several donations (thanks to all who donated, and to all who left kind comments and well-wishes), and I hope some more keep trickling in.  Every little bit helps,  I'm trying to do everything in my power, and I hope that people can see that, and if they feel so inclined, can donate in one way or another.

Some people have asked about donating things other than cash -- sure!  We can always use stuff.  We actually have a list on our website of possible items to donate here,  As you may notice, there's not "chinchilla cages" or "dust" or "bedding" or whatever on the list... though people are welcome to donate those items as well... I just made that list to be sort of general, easier to find, not-necessarily-pet-related things, that we use a ton.

Other people have asked about volunteering.  Volunteering is something I can never get enough of!  If you want to help, I guarantee you there is something you can do to help out.  Whether you prefer donating to the GoFundMe, donating items, donating your time / volunteering, or heck, even adopt a chinchilla or purchase some supplies.  Every little bit helps keep us going!

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