Tuesday, June 5, 2018


So, we all know, a picture is worth 1,000 words. 

Some of us know, lighting can affect these pictures tremendously. 

In my basement, I have a drop ceiling with those long tube bulbs, hidden behind those semi see-through panels.  But, there's some dark corners, and so there's track lighting on the one side. 

Someone wanted to see a pic of this one medium ebony chinchilla, and I thought, rather than get out my cage that I use for pics and all, I'll get a great pic under the track lights. 

Yeah, no.

Now, I should mention... those lights do NOT point down.  They point out and to the left, and the chin was right below them.  But you can see, looking at that photo, how yellow the whole thing looks (being on wood, which reflects the light, undoubtedly didn't help), and how the chin looks all off-color, and (at least to me), very unappealing.

Versus these photos...

... which are the same chin, in case you didn't catch on.  That's literally not 10-15 feet away from where the first pics were taken.  At least to me, the chin looks considerably more appealing in those photos (and with much better color!).

I've had many people ask, over the years, about taking good photos.  It's common to hear people say about how the chin is blurry or the color is off or doesn't look true-to-life, or something.  This is where something as simple as playing with the environment and the spot where the photo is taken can make a big difference.  I sometimes think... people must think I take one photo, and it's amazing.  No, I take like 200, and end up with 4 good ones.  Play around!  It's fun.  Just thought that'd be an interesting post for today.

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