Thursday, June 7, 2018

Everything Happening All At Once

So, let me tell you about the other day.  I'm always talking with people and telling people, "oh something came up," and I wanted to share with you a good example.  Sometimes I think, maybe people think something really didn't come up, and I just didn't get back to them, or whatever... but quick story for you.

So, I had a potential adopter who wanted me to pair some chins for them.  We talked about it, and the night before, I told them that I would let them know how the pairing went in the morning.  In the morning, I sent them a photo of the chins snuggled up together.  They were happy, and through texting, they said they wanted to put down a deposit.  This was... 10 am?

I didn't get back to her right away, because I went over to my parents' house.  Drove my blazer the entire time... to their house, to the movies, to Lowe's, to Bath & Body, to Panera... everything seemed fine.  Go to leave from their house, the blazer won't start.  I figure it's probably the battery, as it had been acting up lately.  For example, it'd turn over, but the radio would reset to 12:00.

My parents have a trickle charger for their convertible (for the winter), so I hooked that up to my blazer and let it charge for awhile.  Still wouldn't start.  Decided to push the blazer back a bit, try to jump it with one of my parents' vehicles.  Still no.  Decided to leave the vehicles hooked up for a bit, to give it more juice.  Nope. 

Decided to rev up the rpm's on the parents' vehicle to start the blazer (bigger engine on the blazer vs. smaller on the car).  Who-hoo!!  It started!  Un-hooked, got about 10 feet backed up down their driveway, died.  Ugh.

My mom and I pushed the blazer onto the street and parked it near the curb, where it wouldn't be in the way.  Sat there, tried to think of who could call.  I could technically go get another battery myself, but I didn't have tools at my parents' place to swap it out, and even at my place, finding the tools would be the problem (I may not always be the most organized person in the world, especially for stuff I rarely use).  Finally, it occurred to me to call Roadside Assistance, through my insurance.  Went through that whole process, finally got a call that the tow would be there within 40 minutes.

In less time than that, the tow showed up.  I had put down that I wanted it towed to the address that was Autozone, as I could get a battery there, and they could put it in for me, and I wouldn't have to dig out any tools of my own.  The wrecker driver made sure that I understood that he was just dropping me and the blazer off, and leaving, and if I was wrong about it being just the battery, I was stuck there.  I told him, I understood, I had someone waiting by the phone in case there was a problem, but I really thought that it was the battery.  So, he tows the blazer to Autozone.

We get there, and there's like no one there, so the two employees in the store are watching out the window as my blazer is unloaded from the wrecker.  At this point, the battery has completely died, and the wrecker driver can't get it out of park and into neutral.  He has to pull out his jump pack, and gets it started just long enough to get it into the spot, reminds me that it could be my starter (no, replaced not long ago) or my alternator (better not be, just replaced within the last 1-2 years), but that he doesn't think it's the battery... and then he goes.

I go into Autozone, explain that I need to purchase a new battery and need it installed.  The guys are totally like, "oh we don't do that here."  Some people, who don't know, would have been like, "oh shit," and panicked, but not me, cause I know, so I said to them, "oh yes you do," and they started laughing.

They checked everything, was the battery.  Sold me, and installed, a new battery.  Started right up, all's good.  Would love to tell that wrecker driver, see, it really was the battery.  I don't have to be wrong, just cause I'm female...

I got home... at like 9 pm.  I walked in the door to a phone call from that person who wanted me to pair those two chins for her.  She was a bit curious about why I'd fallen off the face of the earth all day, and wanted to be sure that she really was getting the two chins.  I explained all of the above to her (and I should mention, my phone died somewhere in the middle of all of this) and she was super understanding.  No problem there.

The reason I mention all of this is just so you all can see how wildly things can go askew.  I intended to be home, early afternoon at the absolute latest, get a ton of chins listed, a ton of work done.  Versus 9 pm.  I still got stuff done that night, but not quite like I'd anticipated, and while of course, this sort of level of insanity doesn't happen on a daily basis, it's not uncommon for a day to take a twist, especially if someone calls about an urgent rescue, or something happens with a vehicle, or something.  I try to get everything done as quickly as I can, and get everyone's emails and questions answered in a timely manner, but I just post this to remind that life does happen sometimes, and just keep in mind, I do my best to work around it!

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