Sunday, July 1, 2018

Adoption Fees & Delivery

I know you all know that all of our animals have adoption fees.  I'm sure, if you search past blogs, you can even find a blog post about how some shelters participate in those Clear The Shelter Events, and why I think those are about the worst thing shelters can do.  So, yes, we have adoption fees. 

All of our ads specify this.  Many of the place we list our ads, such as petfinder, hoobly, etc... all have a specific category for price, so there's actually a spot, when you look at the ad, where it shows:  Adoption fee:  $100.  For those people who don't want to read the actual ad.  But, should you read the ad, it is in there as well.  There's always a line that says something like, "This hetero beige female, Fluffy, is up for adoption for $100."  So, it is there, and of course, all these ads link back to our website, so in case you missed the adoption fees on the ads, our website has them clear, front and center, for all the animal listings, right above the pictures (and let's be honest, everyone loves looking at pictures, so with the price right above, I hope it's kind of hard to miss).

That said, none of this prevents me from getting emails that read something like this:

is he free and would you be able to deliver to mt. grove MO

Now, if you read what I just wrote, you know the answer to the first part.  For delivery... on a good day, I will deliver to downtown Chicago for $25, provided that I do not need to pay to park somewhere (cause we all know garage fees will cost me more than that).  The main reason for delivering to downtown is because a lot of people in Chicago don't have their own vehicles, and (and this is a BIG and), it's about 30 minutes from here.  So, we're not talking a long drive, and in the even I am delivering, the person has already paid a deposit, so I know I'm actually selling the chin and it would be unlikely for them to not be there.

All our ads also specify, this animal is located in Hammond, Indiana (46324).  Now, they also say that we do not ship, due to PetSafe no longer shipping small animals.  So in case there was any confusion about where the animals are located... the ads explain.  In the event that one of our animals is in a foster home, I mention that in our ad, and specify this to anyone asking about that specific animal, so there's never any question.  Either way... location is in the ad. 

Note, I said I will deliver 30 minutes away to downtown Chicago.  Are you curious where Mountain Grove, Missouri, is?  Just a little?  7 HOURS (471 miles) away.  So, not only should my animals be free, I should also spend quite a bit of gas money and an entire day in a round trip delivering the animals to their new homes.  Um, no.  Sorry, but no. 

I imagine for most people who send emails like this, they haven't looked beyond the cute picture.  Cause I mean, if they had, they'd know the adoption fee, they'd know where we're located... and while nothing says we don't deliver 7 hours away...I mean... I guess for me, that's sort of a given.  But, that's just me.

I do respond to these sort of ads, in case you were curious.  My response to this one:

Hi [name], 

This is Ashley with NWI Chinchilla Rescue, we're the ones with the bearded dragon, Noogie, up for adoption.  I received your adoption inquiry that you sent through petfinder, asking if he's free, and if we could deliver to you in Missouri.  He is not free.  It actually lists his adoption fee in two places on his petfinder page, which is $75 for just Noogie, or $150 for Noogie and his enclosure / accessories.  It also says on his petfinder page where he is located (Hammond, Indiana) which is where he must be adopted from.  We don't deliver, sorry.  If you're interested in making a road trip here to adopt him, just let me know and I'll get you the adoption paperwork.

Have a great day! 

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