Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Waiting List

So... our waiting list actually isn't ridiculously long right now, and actually, I need to call a few people to get them to bring their chins in, and it'll be even shorter.  Who-hoo!

Sometimes what shortens it, is the people bringing their chins in.  Other times, it's that people on the list have already rehomed their chin elsewhere, decided to keep the chin, or fallen off the face of the earth.  Just to give some examples of how this sometimes works...

One of the chins we just got in, Mango.  He was on the list since November of 2017.  The owner (daughter of person who called me) had moved into a high rise apartment and pets were not allowed, so he had to come into the rescue.  I reached out to the family towards the end of February, and was told that the chin was living with the parents, but the daughter was not yet ready to give up the chin.  I said I would circle back to them in time, but that they should also feel free to contact me when they were ready to bring in the chin.  I heard from them last week, they brought the chin in, a few days ago.

Another person on the list... she had 3 chins that were all caged together, and she said she could bring the cage with them if that helped get them in sooner.  She was on the list since the beginning of February.  Few months after that, she called me to update her phone number, so I would have her correct phone number to call her when I had room at the rescue.  Ended up recently having room, so I called her 6/21.  Spoke with her and she said that she had rehomed one of the three chins, but the other two still needed to come into the rescue.  She needed a few days to see what her schedule was going to be like, upcoming, so she said she'd call me back.  When she did, we set up the dropoff for Sunday (7/1) at 9 am.  She didn't show.

I did text her about 30 minutes after the missed appointment, saying who I was and mentioning about the appointment, and asking if she was on her way or was wanting to reschedule.  Nothing.  So, at about 10:15ish, I called and left a voicemail, basically saying the same thing.  She ended up texting back about 10:30ish, saying they couldn't fit everything in the car and needed to reschedule, and they rescheduled for the following day.

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