Saturday, July 7, 2018

Foster Homes

If you frequent the website, you may have noticed that some of our rescue chins have been getting adopted!  Most notably, Freddy (our resident senior-ish female who had to go to her new home with her cage) went home a few days ago, and a little bit before that, we had Henry & Sweet Pea (our resident senior pair) go to their new home!  All from the same foster home too!

They came by a few days later to pick up another few rescues.  One of our current rescues, Ash, is a standard grey male who fur chews, on occasion.  The previous owners said that their vet said it was stress related, but they learned that he chews less when he's in a large cage and has a wheel.  So, the foster home took home his cage and his wheel (and other accessories, of course).  He'll have his write up available soon.

Since he was going with his cage, her other double ferret nation was open for more rescues, so she also took some of our long-term residents here, Chili Mac and Wife / Daughter!  They are now being fostered, and I know their foster home will get me more attractive pics of all the chins, and better descriptions.  Yay!  These chins are already listed on our website (and other places), but haven't had much interest, so we'll see how they do in a foster home.  But yay for them going to the foster homes and clearing out some space for new chins to come into the rescue!  Taking down the dreaded waiting list!!

Speaking of foster homes...real quick on that... I have a whole slew of people who want to foster.  If you want to foster, you're welcome to contact me.  However... I do not have cages to lend out, at least not at this time.  What this means for you -- if you don't have your own cage to use with a foster animal, I'll need to add you to the long list of people who want to foster, but need a cage first.  It will take some time to get through the list, as most of our really-sellable-cages need to be sold, to keep funding the rescue until we get our funds built back up.  Eventually, we'll get in some cages that are more appropriate for lending out, so of course, if you're willing to wait, it will happen eventually and you can foster eventually... but anyone wanting to foster super soon will either need their own cage, or will be added to the list.  Thanks for your understanding!

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