Wednesday, July 4, 2018


So, gecko adoptions are always fun.  Well, adoptions in general are always fun.  Had some interesting ones lately.

Had one, wanted to get the gecko for a pet for their teenager, who'd done research and everything. They got as far as filling out the adoption form, submitting it, getting it approved, talking with me back and forth through email... to then tell me, the husband decided they were going to wait until Christmas to get a gecko for their son.

Another one, sent out the adoption form and everything, they hadn't returned it yet, but were asking about the different geckos we have available.  At the moment, we have two adults, but we also have some hatchlings that potentially could go home with experienced homes.  I told them about the two adults, linked them to our Crested Gecko page with the pictures.  They wanted to come see them, and we were working on setting up a time, and then I got an email stating that they decided they wanted to get a young one instead, thanks anyway.  Now, our hatchlings aren't listed yet, as I won't list them when they're teeny tiny, as they're somewhat fragile and probably shouldn't go to clueless people at that size / weight.  So, I emailed the person back and told them, we do have younger ones, they're just not listed on the site yet, and gave them some general info about birthdates and weights and such.  Never heard back.

Most recent one... got a text from someone saying they saw my post about the crested geckos, and asking if I have any males between 45-50 grams.  For the bigger ones, everything I have is what's listed on that page (two geckos in the mid-30 gram range), so I told the guy that, and he followed up by asking if we have any babies.  I said yes, some hatchlings that are 2-3 grams.  He asked for pics, I told him I'd send later that night, as I wasn't home.  He said that was fine, and told me that he was experienced with geckos so he'd be a great home and would love to have a baby again.  I get home, send pics of 5 hatchlings.  He asks the price of one of them and I tell him $40.  This shouldn't be a surprise to him, as our gecko listing states, geckos 1-10 grams have a $40 adoption fee (and of course, hatchlings will fall into that range, being 2-3 grams at a few months old).  Never did hear back.

Also have someone who seems very interested in one of our adults, and I just saw an adoption form come through from her, so I definitely need to look at that and hopefully get one of them in the new home!

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