Friday, July 6, 2018

Chinchilla Noises

I get a lot of people emailing and asking about chinchilla noises.  Possibly the most common one is when people ask about their chinchilla wheezing.  Just got an email about that today actually, and so I went on youtube and looked up to find a video of their warning call. 

And I did, here

That is a perfect example of the chinchilla warning call.  I think it sounds like squeaking a dog squeaky toy, but I can see where someone might consider it sounding like wheezing as well. 

For sounds... when people are asking me, what does this sound mean, I find it easiest to ask for a video or a sound clip.  I mean... everyone describes something differently.  To me, a bark is sort of a harsh, quick sound.  But if you read my description of a bark, I'm sure 10 people can come up with 10 different sounds.  An actual sound clip or video is super useful in that situation. 

Chins make all sorts of sounds, and some we hear more often than others, so I can see why people don't know all the sounds.  It can be fun sometimes going through chin sound youtube (and other) videos (though... some aren't always correct in their descriptions).

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