Sunday, July 8, 2018

"Let Me Know When You Get In A...."

So, if you've ever asked about getting in something specific, the answer is often, something along the lines of, "due to how many animals come and go and how many people are wanting something specific, I'm unable to keep track of what specific people want without a deposit, though you are welcome to check back to see if we've gotten in something you like."

That of course, begs the question of why I don't have a full bulletin board of, "Jennifer wants a white mosaic with a blaze" post-it notes.  I mean, wouldn't I adopt more animals that way?

The short answer, is no.

The long answer is that this sort of thing wastes my time.  Case in point.  I had someone contact me in April, saying that they'd gotten a guinea pig from here and wanted to adopt another baby guinea pig.  I told them, I would keep them in mind, but that I didn't know of any babies coming in, so potentially it could be some time.  See, sometimes I know, ok, we'll have babies (or animals of a certain sort or whatever) potentially coming next week or something, but I told them, basically, nothing on the radar, but I would keep them in mind.

Fast forward to now.  I have two baby guinea pigs.  I'd saved their email in my inbox for all this time, and I sent them an email saying that I had them and asking if they wanted to see pics.  Their response was that they'd adopted one elsewhere, a couple of months ago.

That's of course, perfectly fine, and their choice.  But I guess for me, I'd prefer if they had said, "ok, you don't have one right now?  Then we'll be looking elsewhere."  Because I mean, a couple months ago was like... May?  So basically, they chilled on my "don't have it right now," response for a week or two, and then went and got one somewhere else.  And I would have been perfectly fine if they'd just said, oh they wanted it right now, thanks anyway.

...and the reason I say this is because this isn't just this one guinea pig person... this is pretty much everyone who wants to know if I get in an animal.  Now, if someone asks for a chin where I can contact another breeder and get the chin in this week, I very well may do that, and then contact them (though, often that's useless as well... I got in a blue diamond for someone who wanted one... who has now fallen off the face of the earth... who wants a blue diamond??).  But most often when people are asking for specific animals, it's something specific, whether it's an african grey parrot (yes, really), a snapping turtle, a white mosaic chinchilla that's really dark with a blaze up it's face, a fading white chinchilla, an angora chinchilla that's coming in as a rescue (ha!  if it ever happens, the chin will never leave)... you get the idea.  By the time I get the animal in, usually they have found it elsewhere.  That's why I tell people, feel free to check back, but I am unable to keep track of everyone.  That is all.

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