Monday, October 22, 2012

Funny moment...

So, I dunno who I shared this with, but I know it wasn't on here, and it's funny, so I have to share one of those moments that make you laugh at yourself... much much later, of course.

So, the other day, I was getting the greens for the guinea pigs, and I completely take the bowl out of their cage, fill it up with greens, and set it back in the cage.  So, I'm holding the filled bowl in my hand, close to where I want to set it down, but there's a guinea pig in the way.  So I say "excuse me".... guinea pig doesn't move.... "excuse me"..... guinea pig still doesn't move.  *puts the bowl down, nudging the guinea pig out of the way while saying "sorry, you were in my way"*
I apparently need more human contact.

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  1. Wow I absolutely LOVE,(x1000000000000) Chinchilla's. They are so cute and soooo soft. It's a shame people are using them for their own goods.