Thursday, October 18, 2012

It's called "communication," people.

Ok, so I'm starting to think the world is really falling apart.  Ok, nix the "starting to" -- the world's going to shit. 

What do they always say is the most important thing in a relationship?  Communication.  What does at least half the world forget about when they're in a relationship communication.

Case in point.  I was talking to someone about adopting one of our rats.  Nice person, had a pet rat, wanted to bring her daughter here and let the rat "pick her."  Fine.  Asked to come last night, but I was in class, so I emailed saying how bout tomorrow night.  The emails had been back and forth, pretty quick.  Well, then I get an email -- her husband went to Alsip (the store that has a pet section, not the town) and came home with a rat.  Without asking/telling her. 

Really?  I mean, I totally believe that happened.  In fact, the reason we got Daisy and Delilah back was because the father filled out the adoption form and brought him and his kids here and got the two chins, and then took them home and expected the mother, who knew nothing about his plans to bring home other animals, to care for them.

I could be wrong here, but what happened to spouses communicating?  I mean, this isn't even the I-want-to-surprise-my-spouse-with-a-puppy-on-christmas, this is like people just completely disregarding what their spouses think, heck, they probably could care less, and bringing animals home. 

It's not even that that rat is sitting here not adopted.  It doesn't matter, a home will come along.  The point is, what has happened to basic communication?  I mean, how hard would it be for mom to say, "you know, dad, I'm talking to a rescue about adopting a rat," or for dad to say, "you know, mom, I'm going to Alsip to replace the rat that died."  It's not that hard.  Really.

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