Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Normal happenings...

So I've been a tad too caught up with Rochelle to post about the normal things going on.  On the 27th, Lola was adopted by Meredith and her husband.  Lola was one of our sanctuary chins -- chins that are not otherwise adoptable unless someone wants a chin that is special needs or has health issues (which as you may guess, doesn't come along too often).  Well, with Lola, when we got her in, the people who brought her, their vet had clipped her front teeth down to the gumline.  The next day, one of her bottom incisors fell out.  They said they couldn't afford further treatment and brought her here.  Our vet filed down the other bottom tooth pretty much to the gumline and we waited for her teeth to grow back.  Well, apparently that was going to be quite the wait, cause there we were, 6 months later, with no incisor growth.  Like NONE.  So apparently whatever that vet did permanently damaged the teeth.  But... in all fairness, she was eating, she was drinking, she was dust bathing, she did good with cagemates, and she was maintaining her weight.  Just had no front teeth.  As I have extreme difficulty adopting an animal out with so much as a broken leg that healed wrong (but causes no immediate problems, just potential arthritis in the future).... this would be an impossible hunt for the right owner.  However... as a chin buddy to get along with other chins, she'd be fine.  So, when I mentioned to Meredith that I thought putting Lola up for adoption as a longshot, she said she'd take her as basically her "pet" chin to babysit other chins.  Alrighty then.  So, we filled out the adoption paperwork and she took her home on the 27th.

Another positive note, our current set of baby gp's is ready to go to their new homes!  We have black and red (caramel) absyinnian female and a white, red, and black abyssinnian male.  Pics below.

And then, Pixie delivered her pups on the 29th!  The gp's are like rabbits, I swear.  Several cuties. 

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