Thursday, October 25, 2012


As a result of some family business that I don't want to get into here, I haven't been able to get on here to post about the going-on's.  Not much has really gone on, so I suppose that could have something to do with it.  But anyway...

I finally took the pics that I said I'd take and updated the "Chin-Room" page on the website.  It now looks on there like it actually looks in real life.  And it looks good, if I do say so myself.

Then, I worked on the NWI Chinchilla Rescue page.  Originally, it had a link to one of our "ads" which went more in depth about the process rescues go through and all that, but people had to click that link and then read the ad... and I'm not sure people were putting 2+2 together cause I got a lot of questions that could have been answered had they clicked the link.  So I re-did the page and put the grand majority of the info right on the main page.

Next, I went and updated the About Us page.  It now has a little blurb about some of our pets, specifically, the ones that were rescues and now are permanent residents, and it also now contains pictures of our guinea pigs!  Which I know everyone was just dying to see.

Few things I am currently working on -- #1 -- getting pans from JAGS that are made of something that does not rust.  Need to measure pans and get back to him.  This would just be for the runs, as those pans are really starting to look bad.

#2 -- loyalty cards.  You know, the ones where for every $5 you get a punch and once you spend $100 you get like $5 off?  Yeah, that sort of thing.  Working on designing one of those at the moment.  Between a blue design with a fancy swirl or a red/pink design (wish it was a different color!) with pawprints.  We'll see.  Anyway, Once I get those, the promotion would start from 1/1/13 forward, no retroactive spending added to the card, and chinchilla purchases/adoptions do not count.  Sorry, but if you're purchasing a $175 chinchilla kit, you're not $25 away from getting $10 off.  I know there's a collective groan going on out there, but that's just how it's going to be.  It's going to be for food/supply purchases only.  For the people who physically show up to purchase their supplies, they can hang onto their own cards, but I'm thinking for the people who do the online ordering, I will keep track of the money spent as sending the card back and forth would be a nightmare. 

#3 - Thank you postcards for donations.  Chances are, 90% of people would never see one of these in person, as (1) a lot of people don't donate and (2) the ones that do, many donate 50cents.  Not that 50 cents is meaningless, of course not.  But these cards are going to be costing me around 12-20 cents each not counting shipping, and I can't be giving away half my donation in a thank you.  But anyway, I think the main use of these is going to be by Jim, who is always securing us donations of cages and other small animals stuff from people.  He will have a stack of them to give out to people, and people who make a substantial donation (as in $1 or more, no crazy amounts) will receive one of these postcards.  Still working on the design and what I want it to say. 

And that's it.  Will have a sit down with my mother tomorrow maybe to go over this stuff.  Always good to have a critical eye look at it, and she's just perfect for that.  So these may be coming sooner, or later, we will see.

In other news, it looks like Posh will be going home Tuesday.  If not then, then we do have a backup on her, so she should be going home soon either way. 

Our guinea pig dropoff has still not recontacted us yet.  They originally said "Friday" as the day for wanting to stop by... but as right now it's 1:22 am Friday morning.... not so sure that's going to happen.  Regardless, we will see.

Had someone email asking what critters we have up for adoption right now, said he was thinking about a hamster.  Well, we only have our sanctuary hamster, Aries, and he's not going anywhere, so I told him that we have other critters, and we have cages available if he did end up going with that hamster.  So we'll see if that goes anywhere.

...and that's about it.  For today anyway.

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