Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Delilah (and other happenings)

So, I woke up this morning to a text asking if Delilah was still available.  I texted back saying that she was, but didn't get a text in reply.  When I listened to my voicemails, I realized the same person had called me, so I called them back and talked to the guy.  He wanted to come over and meet her, so I said, fine, he said he'd be here within the hour.  So, then a few minutes after that, I get a text from him asking if they'd be able to take her home right away, and I told him about our adoption form and that he'd have to fill it out and if everything looked good, then he'd be all set to adopt.

Needless to say, he never showed up.

But, my scheduled appointments did -- I had a chin dropoff around mid-day.  The person wanted to come here and see the setup before she agreed to leaving the chins here, so she came in and looked around and decided this would be a good place for her chins, so she dropped off two males -- Stewart (I think?) a 4 yr old beige and Howie, a 8-10 yr old standard.  Sweet chins.  I checked, and they are both actually male.  She was feeding them Oxbow and, for the most part, the treats were ok.  I took one of her treat containers that had some of those yogurt drops in it (which she said she wouldn't be upset if they got thrown away) and gave it to the rats.  Not all of it, of course, but no reason to throw it away, the other critters that can eat it will eat it.  They seem pretty sweet, so I think they'll be alright to adopt out.  I do have someone on my waiting list that wanted a male.  Dunno if she'll want two males, but that's what I have at the moment.  So after evaluation, we will see.

Then, got a call from someone whose kids saw us at the Darien Pet Show and wanted to come by and see the chins.  So they stopped by and we talked chin for awhile.  So we'll see if I hear from them again.

Then, had the family drive up from Clayton (near Indy) to pick up Psycho.  The son renamed her Delilah Chinchillacus.  Very nice people, and Psycho seemed to really like them, so that's great for her.  I'm glad she found a good home. 

So then, somewhere in there I took a little nap, and woke up to two texts about Delilah.  One wanted me to pass along info to her daughter, who was looking for a chin, the other was asking about adopting Delilah themselves.  So, I told both about the adoption form, care packet, and all that, emailed both of them all the information, and stressed that since there is more than one person asking about her, the first to get me back a filled out adoption form is the one she will go on hold for.  Cause, besides these two people and the person this morning, I had a call or two while I was in Darien about Delilah, who had said they would call this week (but have not yet).  So we'll see if I get any forms in, from any of these people.

Have the first person on my rat list coming to pick out their baby Thursday morning.  The second person on my list already said to move on at this point in time (but keep em on the list -- see, some people actually do have common courtesy, rather than not email me back), and the third person on the list, all I have is a cell phone number.  So once the first person comes and picks out theirs, I will let the third person know what I have available and we'll see how that goes.  By that point, I will also know if the person with the two older rats still wants them (well, I'll know if they email me or not), and if they don't, those may be offered up first to that person depending on what they said in their original texts.... and down the line (there are several more people that want to know about the baby rats).  

Got an email from the people who dropped off the baby rats -- as it turns out, they have some guinea pigs that the boys are allergic to, so I believe those will be dropped off at some point in time.  So we will see about that as well.

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