Tuesday, October 16, 2012


So, today.

Last night, Jim had emailed me the link to an ebay posting for a Critter Nation 162 for $75!!  But it was out in Elkhart, and at some point, the cost savings isn't worth the gas and time lost to go get it... but Jim said he'd get it.  Awesome.  I can trade hammocks for that, he likes those.  So, I used the buy it now, bought the cage, and when I got an email from the person who was selling the cage, I looked up the email that I would be replying to and forwarded the email to Jim with the reply info... got an email this morning said he'd gone and got the cage.  Yayyy.  So he came and brought the cage.  And Jim's much more of a... ah... let's put it this way -- I don't want to ask for handouts.  I don't feel that's below me or nothing like that, I just feel odd asking.  Not Jim!  He scrounged up some extra cages and extra goodies through saying he's helping out NWI Chins Rescue and wanted to know if they had anything to donate. 

So here's all what he managed to round up:

As for other chin stuff, the people who were here two days ago came back to adopt some more rattie babies.  This time they took a black self female rat and an agouti self female rat.

Added Keisa and the newer baby rats to the website and to the various other sites.  Started fixing the Happy Customers page -- I have to delete the image, re-put-it-in, resize, and re-link it to the larger pic.  So I got a decent portion of that done today, we'll see maybe tomorrow I'll get more on that done. 

Alrighty.  Well, I was going to get together orders tonight, but as it's already 1:18.... I think I can do it tomorrow. 

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